Book Club: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Henpicked’s book of the month for February 2018…

Well we certainly enjoyed The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.

If you haven’t shared your thoughts yet, please do let us know what you thought of it and join in the conversation at the bottom of the article on Disqus. What did you think of Dinah’s character and the story? Would you recommend the book?

This month’s book has been recommended by Tracey Jones. Thank you very much Tracey for your recommendation and for sharing your thoughts of the books you’ve read so far. We love them all.

We’ve chosen Me Before You by Jojo Moyes because it has a 5-star rating from nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon.

And, as it’s Valentine’s Day this month, what better than this powerful love story. Here are some of the reviews:

Poignant . . . heartfelt . . . Me Before You, at it’s heart, is about two people who properly listen to each other; it is something good (The Independent on Sunday)

When I finished this novel, I didn’t want to review it: I wanted to reread it . . . An affair to remember (The New York Times Book Review)

At last, a new Moyes novel – and it’s a triumph. Her story of love blossoming in the most unlikely of ways packs such an emotional punch, you’ll need a box of tissues (Elle)

A compelling novel of life and death decisions and unlikely affections. It’s magical and heartbreaking, but doesn’t shy away from difficult emotional realities. Waterproof mascara essential (Marie Claire)

A disarmingly moving love story . . . a lovely novel, both nontraditional and enthralling (Publishers Weekly)

Let’s see what we think!

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  • Elena Fineberg

    I have only read the first chaperter or so of this book but already I am totally gripped and immersed by the way the book is so discriptive of the environment that the character is experiencing. When Lou discribed the hussel and Bussel of The Buttered Bun you can almost smell the bacon cooking. I am loving the book so much so far.

    • Laura

      Like Elena, I have been immediately drawn in to Moyes’ fluid, chatty and witty writing style! 50 pages in and I am loving it! The Buttered Bun – what a fab name for a cafe. I want to go!

  • Meriel withnell

    There are not many job prospects for lively and quirky Louise in her small town, and she takes a job looking after a quadreplegic – Will. A young man who had everything going for him before his accident. He is now suicidal and depressed. Lou gets through to him and gradually falls in love with him. In the process, she discovers herself. The writer reminds us of the class system in Briitain and our perceptions of the disabled. An interesting and well written book, but the ending will come as a disappointment for many.

  • Awarby

    For some reason I had never read anything by Jo Jo Moyes. After reading Me before You I cannot wait to read all her other books. I was gripped by the story from the first page. I shared in Louisa’s anguish and with her joy through the ups and downs of her six month trial. The writing was such that the race course trip, the theatre, the birthday meal, the trip to Mauritius and so many other occasions are imprinted in my mind. As for the ending well …………….
    Now going out to buy After you.

    • Elena Fineberg

      Like you I have never read anything by Jo Jo Moyers, but I just love how descriptive she is. I think I will be buying some more of her titles.

      • Laura

        I’ve just started the second one and 50 pages in, I’m already gripped! Fab choice, Henpicked – thanks!

        • Deborah

          Thank you! Cracking choice by Tracey Jones! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Laura

    I have absolutely flown through this; a testament to how brilliant I think it is. What an inspiring book. I loved Lou, *spoiler*, I loved how cleverly Moyes crafts the lovely relationship between Lou and Will from nothing and i loved the unexpected ending, horrible as it is. I am going to buy the next two in the series ASAP. For such a dark and upsetting theme, I felt such a warmth towards it and laughed/smiled to myself often while reading. Maybe we should all take Will’s advice and do something out of our comfort zones, just because we can, and to ensure that we ‘live well’.

  • Elena Fineberg

    I am just so loving this book. Every night when I climb into bed I feel like I am checking in with some very dear friends.
    The blossoming relationship between Lou and Will is captivating. I love how hard Lou is trying to engage Will in things that will interest him. I have just read about the disaster that was Horse racing and then how easily the outing to the concert was in comparison. I particularly loved the bit about the label in Will’s shirt. I can just imagine his face and the faces of the stuffy people seated around them. Lou has the best sense of humour in often difficult circumstances. She is slowly breaking through Wills shell. I can not wait to see what happens next and where this relationship is going.
    Thank you Henpicked. Totally Fab book this month.

    • Deborah

      Thank you very much and so pleased you’re enjoying it. We’re really grateful to Tracey Jones for recommending it! Not heard of this author before and she has so many books. Great find!

  • Marion

    I have already read this book previously, but am re reading . I am trying hard to withhold judgment but I think it’s lacking real depth. I’ll get back to you !

  • Claire

    What a delight to just get swept away in a wonderful story with a heart warming theme of selflessness. Such an escape from a dreary February. I understand that the writer went to university with a friend of mine and that friend had no idea of the talent behind the lady. It is a feel good read to show that human nature and kindness and the spirit of compassion are far more important qualities than the physical ones. It is one of those books that will stand the test of time and thankfully the film also did it justice for a change

  • Rowena Green

    Not yet finished the book but loving every moment. Characters are very real and writing style just draws you in. I am sure it can only end in tears! Glad I haven’t seen the film.

  • Claire

    May be a mini spoiler hinted at here: Lou’s character is an interesting topic in itself. Her life is a simple straight forward one with fairly low expectations but an outwardly positive attitude. It is a story told from her viewpoint rather than Will’s and the other strong voice is Will’s mother. I think we fall in love with her character and sense of humour and buy into her optimism because we want to. That’s why the ending is all the more upsetting because we have totally bought into her outlook. Strong female characters throughout and integral to the tear jerking result but you can’t help feeling her optimism represents naivety in the grand scheme of things. I wonder how this life experience will affect her optimism in the next instalment ……. can’t help feeling a little guilty for not having quite the same feelings from Will’s point of view but I think that is entirely the result of how the story is in fact told. Emotionally intelligent writing.

  • Rowena Green

    Finished at last and how sad is that! Loved every word. Totally absorbing and very real and human characters. I felt so much for Will’s parents, what a nightmare to go through. Have already started the follow up book and it feels as if it is going to be as good.

  • Marion

    I have just reread this book and it’s certainly captivating. It’s very clever to write predominantly in the first person and Louisa is well crafted. Will is plausible but they are a bit shallow. The book is chronologically linear and very easy to read. It didn’t inspire me to read more of her work, it didn’t make me think enough – it was all explained in too much detail. I wanted more space to think about what ‘life’ is . Having said that, I would be delighted if I could write as she does. I loved Louisa’s mother , even though she was stereotyped.
    I would read this book as a holiday read or for someone who isn’t too sure if they want to read a whole book. It pulls you in and you feel compelled to read to the end. A good page turner

  • Diana Woodhead

    I loved this book, i have actually just read the sequel to this book, or i think the 3rd in the trilogy, so i sort of knew what was going to happen, but it did not spoil it as, as her style of writing is so easy to follow. The characters are believable and it was good to see Lou developing into a more rounded person. Half way through the book, i realised i have seen the film!