Bolder and Wiser by Sarah Dale

Portrait of Sarah Dale, author

Remarkable conversations with older women.

Portrait of Sarah Dale, authorI’d like to introduce readers to a newly launched book by a woman who is just turning fifty!

I met Sarah around eighteen months ago when she asked to interview me as one of the twenty voices in her book “Bolder and Wiser“. It was an easy, relaxed conversation, although recorded, like you would have over a cup of tea at a Bring and Buy sale.

Sarah had seen me regularly on TV, or was it radio? when she was young, and I chatted away about this and that as she worked through her set questions. Some reflections dug quite deep but most were family and friend centred, about dreams and achievements, about now as much as then.

Front cover of Bolder and Wiser - Sarah Dale's bookNow her book is published and she is in the exciting process of launching it to critical acclaim. If you believe in basic sisterhood, of the precious bond between mothers and daughters, of the protective understanding between mothers and sons, in the important celebration of female intuition, then this book is for you.


Bolder and Wiser is published by Creating Focus

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