Ayurveda: how it can soothe common complaints

Ayurveda: the natural way to heal

My childhood was under the protection, love and care of my grandma not only one but my great grandma also. I spent almost seven years of my childhood with them. I still remember whenever I use to suffer from a common cold, cough, indigestion, stomach pain etc my mother and grandmother used to first pop in kitchen and do some magic – Ayurveda.

Now I use the same methods to treat my son. As I personally feel children’s body should get immune and we should not make their body dependant on too many medicines. Better to build up their immunity to avoid especially common colds.

And I feel everyone should know this magic. First, let me explain what ayurveda is. ‘Ayu’ means Life; ‘Veda’ means to know. To know about life, existence is Ayurveda. It is the healthcare system prevalent in India and its subcontinents since ancient times.

So here comes the magic of Ayurveda from Grandma’s corner.

1. Common cold

Fresh juice of Tulsi leaves (basil) with honey is an effective remedy. Even boiling the leaves in hot water is good. Use warm water for drinking. Onion soup with an extra pinch of pepper powder and flake of ginger is also a good remedy.

Tip: At least three times a week, try 3-4 boiled garlic cloves or raw garlic to build up immunity from cold or allergies. It’s also good for sinusitis.

2. Cough and wheezing

A juice of tulsi leaves with honey given every two or three hours is a good medicine. For an allergic cough and wheeze add Yashtimadhu powder to tulsi leaves juice and honey. Avoid yoghurts, ice cold milk, ice cream, chilled water, and fruits like apple and banana.

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3. Indigestion

Over eating and eating unwholesome junk food is a serious problem today. A mixture of ginger and lemon juice with a pinch of salt taken frequently in sips helps to overcome indigestion. For kids add this mixture to lukewarm water.

4. Abdominal pain

This is the most common childhood symptom. The best way to get rid of this complaint is to give a mixture of carom seeds (ajwain), aniseed (saunf), cumin seeds (jeera) and saindhav (variety of salt) powdered together along with lukewarm water for relief. Pain occurring due to gases is relieved by externally putting drops of castor oil around the navell or by applying asafoetida (hing) over the abdomen.

Regular use of aniseed or cumin seeds water would prevent the frequent occurrence of this symptom. In older children regular use of garlic in daily diet is effective. Avoid excessive use of white flour (maida) and substitute with whole wheat products.

5. Throat Infection

Gargling with a concentrated solution of warm water and one teaspoon salt is effective. Turmeric and pepper boiled in milk is a good remedy.

6. Constipation

The major cause of constipation is lack of water. When my son was very young I use to give him dry blackcurrants soaked in water given with warm water at bedtime. A cup of warm milk with half teaspoon of clarified butter(ghee) is also a good remedy. To avoid constipation try eating fruits like papaya, bananas and melons.

7. Dental caries and toothache

Neem leaves, turmeric powder and clove buds boiled in water and regularly given as an oral rinse helps to maintain good oral hygiene . For caries (decay) and toothache keep a cotton swab dipped in clove oil and asafoetida to hand.

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8. Worms

Embella (vidanga seeds) boiled with milk can be given to children. These seeds show anti-worm properties. As do, cumin seeds powder (jeera), embella (vidanga seeds), neem leaves, and saindhav salt boiled in water. Given twice a month they to prevent repeated worm infestations. Also fenugreek seeds added to your daily diet is good.

Your very own first-aid kit is in your kitchen or garden. Just dig inside more to use this magical powers for you and your loved ones.

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