Yvonne Paul

About Yvonne Paul

Yvonne Paul was born and lived for many years just off the famous Portobello Market in London. After an unhappy marriage in her early 20’s and left with a young daughter to support she took a variety of jobs including being a “Bunny Girl”. This led to small parts on TV and in films including appearances on The Benny Hill Show. She started a Model Agency in 1972, which she ran successfully until retiring in 2007. She has been happily married for 37 years to her second husband Edward who owns a record company and has a daughter and two grand children. She now lives in Queens Park London.

From premières to prisons

From premières to prisons

How the rewards of volunteering make up for moving from the “A-list” to no list at all. I started my career as an actress. My more memorable moments in the spotlight were as the body double for Elizabeth Taylor (personally chosen by her, perhaps because of my big boobs?) and various scantily clothed cameo appearances […]

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