About Sue Pringle

I'm mother to two fabulous daughters aged 19 and 22. I'm the founder of Millie Lingerie, a new brand designing gorgeous bras for women to wear after breast cancer treatment. I've been successfully treated for breast cancer twice, and I’m grumpy about the lack of choice of lingerie for women like myself to wear, so I’m busy turning that grump into a business. I believe that lingerie is an intimate form of self expression, which all women are entitled to experience, especially after the rigours of breast cancer treatment. I’m about to hit the crowdfunding trail again, raising funds to manufacture and launch our first bra, and we plan to launch a debut collection within the next year. I live in Nottingham where my business is based, and enjoy walking, swimming and practising yoga to keep my body and mind healthy. I'm an avid Strictly Come Dancing fan, currently lacking the right partner to cha-cha with!