Rosalyn Jones

About Rosalyn Jones

I'm a mum, wife, sister, daughter and friend very passionate about helping others. I have both a professional and personal interest in the menopause and cancer - I had breast cancer and treatment recently, I am now fit and well. I have experienced many side effects from treatment and have had the good fortune of many friends who have helped source treatment and information. I would like to help disseminate this to others. I wish to stop the words cancer and menopause being taboo, ‘whispered behind hands’ and, at times, laughed at and/or ignored. I have a passion for evidence-based knowledge, and dissemination of this to the “working individual” has always been my aim as an Occupational Health Nurse. As well as my nursing career I have been involved in community projects such as in 2006, the ALAC (Active Learning for Active Citizenship)National Network. The West Midlands Hub was the only ALAC hub working exclusively for women at a time when gender issues had slipped down the policy agenda. The Hub recognised the specific barriers and opportunities that women encounter when becoming active citizens. The Hub engaged women and their families in effective community organising and increasing their ability and confidence to exert influence at the levels of policy and service delivery. In 2018 I became a volunteer for Breast Cancer Care.