About Patsy Trench

I’ve worked in theatre one way or another throughout my (fairly long) life. I love it and sometimes hate it, but can’t quite let it alone. Theatre is one of the most surprising and dynamically changing art forms and we Londoners are the luckiest people in the world to have access to such an assortment of theatre in venues ranging from the traditional to the frankly weird. As a teacher and tour organiser it is my deeply satisfying job to show it off to overseas visitors.

Self-publishing: tips from a writer

Self-publishing: tips from a writer

Patsy Trench on self-publishing. Lucy Peacock has already offered very sound advice on independent publishing. My experience of self-publishing three books is similar, yet slightly different. Unlike Lucy I am not an IT specialist, yet I managed to publish my first book back in 2012 almost entirely myself. Like Lucy I didn’t bother with agents […]

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