Jacqui Furneaux

About Jacqui Furneaux

In 1998 after 30 years as a nurse and health visitor and having raised a family, I set out on a year’s journey, on my own for the first time. I started backpacking in Thailand and explored many South-East Asian countries armed with the ubiquitous Lonely Planet guide book. Six months into the trip and feeling quite the adventurous explorer, I went to Pakistan and India before retuning to the UK. But I found I really liked travelling and although at my age I really should have known better, I set off again combining my love of travel with my other passion… motorcycling. Exchanging guide books for road maps, for my 50th birthday I bought a 500cc Enfield Bullet in India and set off again, initially with the Dutchman who had suggested the idea. None of it was planned. I would not have dreamed I’d be having this chance of a lifetime when I should have been saving for my retirement. But life’s too short not to take a chance. My book Hit the Road, Jac! will be out shortly, and you can find out more about my adventures on my website