About Helen Burns

New Zealand born, British educated, I’ve spent about half of my 47 years in each country, with a bit of global roaming working on super yachts, thrown in for good measure. Married, divorced, no children, I went to drama school in the UK and earned my Masters in acting at the grand age of 44. I’m now taking that creative metamorphosis into a book about choosing to be a sovereign woman, singular (single, unique, exceptionally good, great, remarkable) as opposed to single (unwed, unmarried, companionless) in mid-life. Semi-autobiographical, I am also interviewing other sovereign women about their experiences of having chosen to remain single in mid-life, probably after the end of a marriage or long-term relationship. I am also writing a blog about the process of writing the book, so you are welcome to visit www.itshelsbels.wordpress.com, to find out more about the project and me. If you would like to contribute, I'd love to hear from you - itshelsbels@gmail.com.