Deborah Crowe

About Deborah Crowe

I am an ex teacher, teacher/trainer with 30 years' experience in the aid sector. I currently live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with my daughter, hubs and three dogs, Picasso, Eileen and Rebecca. In 2014 I started blogging about life as a middle-aged woman learning about the consequences of unmanaged stress for the first time, as well as getting hit by peri- menopause. My blog then became a book. One thing led to another. From writing I started doing talks and then public speaking at larger events. I also learnt that it was not just hormones or this “time of life” – it was my lifestyle. Certainly mine – too much stress, too much work in places with macho cultures. As a result of what I learnt, I am now a Menopause Coach, a Meditation and Yoga Teacher, an Activist Speaker and the author of “The Darling Menopause” series. Using all my different experiences in development, education and senior management, I work with career driven women who are struggling with menopause symptoms to take back control of their menopause and their careers; to ditch the brain fog; get back their confidence and manage their symptoms so they can get back to the top of their game. I run Menopause Success and Mastery workshops and coaching programmes both face to face and online.