Are you too old to wear glitter?

Glitter is like marmite – you either love it or hate it. If, like me, you find yourself drawn to it like a magpie, the more the merrier. Alternatively you may find it annoying; it gets everywhere, infiltrating your life and eventually your sanity.

Wear glitter in different ways: scarfs, make-up

Either way, it’s pretty hard to escape this time of year, and who can truly resist welcoming a bit of sparkle into an outfit? But I often get asked: “Am I too old to wear glitter? Is it too juvenile for a sophisticated woman?”

Well, as always, the answer is no. Of course you can wear it! It’s just about how you wear it, so you end up more grown up glam, than sugar plum fairy. Here are my top tips:

1 Less is more

To avoid going over the top, keep glitter to one – max two – elements of your look. A garment covered in glitter all over can look very heavy, so try pieces that are finished with a touch of glitter, such as with a trim or pattern. That way the light will dance off you subtly as you move, rather than your turning into a disco ball.

2 Accessories

glitter clutch bagA great way to incorporate glitter is through accessories – perhaps a clutch or even shoes. They don’t necessarily have to be all-over glitter; even just a feature of the design adds fun without going over the top. But it’s best to invest in quality, sturdy pieces here so the glitter doesn’t continuously fall off leaving a trail as you walk.

3 Make-up

Experimenting with make-up is so often forgotten as we get older, but it’s such a great way to playfully update your look temporarily and relatively cheaply.

Glittery nail polish is an easy way to embrace it, but dare to try eyeshadow, too. Once considered very junior and tacky, this year glitter eyeshadow was seen all over the catwalks, with the look reinvented to give your eyes a soft shimmer.

metallic, glitter clutch bag


The key is to use it sparingly – do your eye make-up first and then add it at the end, such as a small dab in the corner of your eyes, or in the centre of your lid.

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4 Try metallic shimmers instead

If you adamantly refuse to embrace glitter, sequins are an obvious route to go.

But we all know how they can fall off easily, too. So try iridescent metallics instead. Garments with a touch of lurex threaded throughout the fabric are chic and pretty, or make a strong statement with a bold coloured metallic such as green or purple.

So go forth and glitter!

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