Personal trainer blog: Are you in the 36%?

Shockingly only 36% of British women meet the government’s guidelines on physical activity (at least 30 mins of moderate physical activity 5 times a week).  What is holding us back?  Are we seriously saying that two thirds of us value ourselves so little that we don’t make time – just half an hour a day, for a life saving treatment?

Woman runningThe Guardian (06.01.14) tells us that of the 78,935 diagnosed cases of bowel, breast and womb cancers diagnosed in 2012, 12,000 of them could have been prevented if the suffers were more physically active.  It is very tempting to think that if there were a pill that was deemed to be that effective we would all want to take it (and we would pay for it, and spend time going to the doctor to get it).

So, come on, get up and get going.  Walk quickly, run slowly, go to the gym, join a class, just do something – it could save your life.


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About Marion Foreman

I fall neatly into the ‘women who weren’t born yesterday’ category. I grew up in a turmoil of Guardian fuelled feminism. I went from ‘little woman’ to independent person in a decade. I began my nurse training in the early 70s in the midst of a male dominated university town. I convinced myself that my views must be wrong as the ultra clever men didn’t agree with me. It wasn’t until I did my degree with the OU that I realised that I had a voice – and a legitimate voice at that. Four children and three husbands later I have found my place in the world. A place that simply says that I am who I am, that I can choose my own path in life and choose those who walk with me. I have learnt that equality means making and taking opportunities, not feeling compelled to ‘do it all’.