Are spirits or the living scarier?

Julie tells us more about her interactions with the spirit world.

eery maskThe path chosen by me, or for me, has been an interesting one and fortunately not as creepy as people would expect, although, there has been a moment or two of sheer terror.

Imagine lying in bed, in that almost there, dozy state when you’re suddenly jerked awake by an extremely loud, rattling noise situated right above your head. This noise is like coins being shaken back-and-forth in a tin can. Then you hear an evil cackling laugh, coming from another room in your house, just down the hall…..It certainly woke me up, is all I can say. And yes, I did leave the lights on for the rest of the night.

Or think about waking up in the middle of the night to find a transparent person sitting next to your bed, except you’re only able to see the top-half of them…..,spirits seem to like delivering their little surprises late at night. I awoke once to see a face superimposed on the wall next to me.

I’ve been sat on during my sleep, had a wolf (my totem animal) curl up next to me on the blankets, seen figures standing in a dark corner and had my bedroom, unexpectedly light up like an amusement pier – a green one!

In one incident, I was stood on a kerb waiting to cross a busy road when I felt unseen hands shove me and send me flying through the air. Fortunately there was no traffic when I landed. To this day I’m still wondering how this happened.
And that’s just spirits!

I’ve had an incident where a fellow clairvoyant attempted psychically to enter my aura ‘uninvited’ during a séance. Fortunately, my aura blocked her endeavour. It locked itself down and subsequently I shook like a wet dog to clear any residual or damaging energy once I’d left this person’s locale.

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This particular practitioner, was a self-proclaimed exorcist, and frequently told people they had ‘dark’ spirits walking beside them.

When I think back over these events, I can only be grateful they were few and far between, because really it’s just a handful of events, spread over decades.

So don’t fear ‘the guys-upstairs’. They’re just like you and me!

About JulieP

I've spent the majority of my life attached to a piece of elastic; being continually twanged back-and-forth between Australia and the UK. I was originally born in Devon, and then, as part of a family-package deal, I immigrated to Perth in West Australia I currently live in Perth and I miss London dreadfully, especially Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s (you can stop laughing now), not forgetting the cold weather, of course. I miss that too. I’m currently working on my third career incarnation - hopefully as a freelance writer. I have self-published two eBooks, and I’m working on another. Previously, when I’ve masqueraded as a relatively ‘normal’ person, I spent several years working within the financial/credit arenas, and at one stage, I was even employed as Assistant New Business Manager for Harrods (yep! that one). At the same time, fate decided I was to be a Clairvoyant Medium, and it’s a path I've walked happily for thirty-three years now, with the occasional time-out when I've needed one. It’s a life-choice which has taught me a lot about myself, spirit and other people, and I feel grateful that I was chosen.