In control or listing?

Listing on the loo

The double whammy of being organised.

Listing on the looMy name is Katy and I’m a listoholic.

People think I’m very organised, and yes, I’m pretty on the ball most of the time but to be honest, the only reason I don’t fall over it and get squashed is down to my lists.

Loads of them!

  1. In the kitchen.
  2. In the office…actually I’ve got several on the go there – work, personal and finance.
  3. In my handbag.
  4. The supermarket shopping list.
  5. And then there’s the long-term DIY list.
  6. The jobs-for-the-boyfriend-to-do-at-the-weekend list.
  7. Holiday prep jobs.
  8. Holiday packing list.
  9. All the books I’ve read since 1999.
  10. And the list of books I want to read.
  11. The Christmas shopping list.
  12. Christmas card list – sent and received of course.
  13. House move list…all the people I still haven’t contacted.
  14. All gets a bit complicated so then there’s the daily priorities list!

Need to sort this out. Am I a control freak? Should I just go with the flow? I know people giggle when they see the lists…but they do rely on me being organised (in control?)

I’ve even been known to put ‘Relax; read my book’ on my list’

Are you like me or have you any advice? Don’t think I can give up my little crutch or I’ll come over all anxious and worry I’ll forget things, but I suspect I should cut down a bit.

Is list-making a good thing…helping us to be super-organised and productive? Or does it somehow force us into taking on too much, channelling activity into a predetermined route? Does it reduce the likelihood of other left-field, fun possibilities?

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For me, it started at school. “Write down your homework or you won’t remember it.”

So, if you have a mo, I’d love to hear your views on four questions buzzing around in my head…

  1. Is it a female thing? Do more women than men make lists?
  2. Are ‘listers’ actually more organised?
  3. Do we make more lists as we get older?
  4. Do you still prefer a paper list (and physically crossing out things you’ve done) or do you list electronically (and deleting)?

Of course, I’ll understand if some of you want to add to this list!