Aloe Vera: the new way to detox?

C9 cleanse kit

After a fabulous holiday and having found a bit of an extra squeeze getting into my clothes, I decided a detox was in order.

C9 Aloe Vera cleanse kitMy friend Julie convinced me that I’d be better doing something a little more than I’d normally do (starve, drink lots of water and go to the gym).

She suggested the C9 Cleanse kit – to look better and feel great – for a quick fix and to reset my system for better longer-term habits.

For me that meant not looking for a dessert after every meal, getting my energy back and feeling better in my clothes.

What is C9?

Clean 9 is a nine-day cleanse (hence the ‘C’ and the ‘9’) which helps to eliminate toxins from your body. For the first two days you don’t eat – apart from very specific snacks – but do take Aloe Vera gel plus a protein shake and other supplements. Then you introduce a small, very healthy meal into your diet for the following seven days.

Taking the plunge

Julie’s always bang on with her advice so I decided to do it. Not that I’ve ever been a fan of Aloe Vera but I really did need something. Weight loss is a by product, not the main reason for doing this.

I picked up a kit and had an extra G&T, wine, Sunday roast and chocolate treats to prepare me for the nine-day reboot.

I’ve never done a detox for this long – I’ve done shorter ones and couldn’t wait for the end of the three days so this was going to be a big test.

Lucky for me, the pack came with everything I needed, including a tape measure. The leaflet told me I deserve the maximum results and included very clear instructions and tips to help me do just that.

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It also said to weigh yourself and take measurements so you can see how well it’s worked.

Later, I realised just how important this is for motivation!

Day one and two

Very early start at 5:15am on day one. I weighed myself and took all the measurements. These confirmed that, yes, I was more of a woman than usual and having been back from holiday for nearly a week, I could no longer put that down to the swelling from the plane.

I tucked into the delicious breakfast. I wish.  Actually it contained two softgel capsules, a vitamin tablet and a large glass of Aloe Vera gel (which for me, is an acquired taste). Everything you need is in the pack, just add milk – easy enough.

And then I had to do a minimum of 30 minutes’ low-intensity exercise – in my case, clean the house quickly and energetically.

Photo of the free foods allowed on the C9

Free foods allowed on C9

I followed the instructions for the snack, lunch and dinner, all included in the pack. Glad I chose the chocolate shake, which was really lovely. In fact, I’d happily drink this anytime!

Julie had warned me that the first couple of days were the toughest. I expected hunger pangs but they weren’t bad at all.

There is actually a list of ‘free foods’ that you can eat in moderation, which made a huge difference. These are low on the Glycemic Index (GI) – a system that measures how much a particular food impacts your blood sugar.

You can eat these as a snack throughout the day. And I drank lots – well actually I gave up caffeine and stuck to peppermint tea.

What I wasn’t expecting was the constant trips to the loo. The instructions say to drink lots and maybe I took it too far, but I think my body must have been made up of more than 60% water to start with.

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Top tip : make sure you’re near a loo!

Days three to nine

It gets a whole lot easier on days three to nine because you can introduce a 600-calorie meal into the day and for me this was the evening meal.

Actually I think it’s very generous. I’m not a cook but did manage to find ready meals in M&S with the right calories, green on the food indicators so all good.

I got fresh milk from my work’s canteen to make up my shake – a lot cheaper than my usual lunch – and a couple of colleagues spotted my kit.

One told me she was doing it too and had been delighted with the results, demonstrating the difference in her jacket fit. She’s on the maintenance plan now and can’t say enough good things about C9.

The weekend was also easier than I was expecting. My husband Rob works away and comes home at the weekend, bless him, he loves cooking and feeding me. So I was dreading the complaints about faddy eating. But enjoying the family evening meal made up for sitting with a shake when he had the usual Saturday morning bacon butty.

I popped to my friend’s house on Saturday and she promised a 600-calorie superfood salad while Rob watched rugby and ordered a curry.

And of course, a glass of something sparkling wouldn’t be a problem, the superfood salad was full of goodness and likely to leave a few calories over for a treat.

But probably not two bottles of bubbly between two people. Oh dear.

Had I not been completely carefree by that point, I would have been disappointed at myself. Oh well, we all make mistakes and I believe there was a little dancing, so… exercise?

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Day three and six were weigh-and-measure days – not much change on day three but enough to spur me on. I completely forgot on day six! Oops.

On a couple of days, I was so busy with work that I didn’t make the exercise either.

So, did it work?

It did actually, incredibly well, despite my slip ups.

I felt full of energy, clean, my digestion was great, my eyes were bright and my skin felt soft. I was down to my pre-holiday weight (reduction of 5 lbs) and a massive 12.5 inches smaller.


That was two weeks ago and usually when I’ve finished a detox, I rush to retox – it feels like I need to do it to make up for being hard on myself. But not this time.

My appetite is indeed rebooted and I’m still feeling light and bright. When I feel good, I like to keep it that way and that’s extra motivation for me.

In fact, while I don’t particularly like the taste of Aloe, I’ve ordered some more, along with the chocolate shake, which I really do like. It’s all about maintenance now and it’s so easy to do.

A couple of friends have now started the C9 and are saying the same things.

I wonder what the results would have been if I’d followed the instructions to the letter?!

Note: Deborah paid for the C9 kit, this is not a sponsored link or advertorial. It cost £108.95 for everything in the kit for 10 days.

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