After-work stress relievers

After work stress relievers: silhouette of a woman looking relaxed

It’s easy to come home after a long day at work and immediately feel stressed from the day, worrying about what’s to come tomorrow, or even the rest of the week.

After work stress relievers: silhouette of a woman looking relaxedTake control and allow yourself a breather to decompress the second you get home.

Here are some ways to get that “you” time back and not let daily stresses dictate your overall happiness. 

A good book

There’s a reason the saying is, “get lost in a good book.” If you’re an avid reader, then you understand the allure of a new compelling novel when you’ve had a stressful day at work (not to mention that new book smell).

Coming home and curling up on the couch for some reading time feels like the best thing on earth. Allow yourself to forget everything else you have to do and just drift away into a new story you’re itching to know more about. 

Watch your favorite shows

In the year 2018, TV shows are easy to find and binge whenever (and wherever) you want.

Scroll through Netflix, Hulu, or HBO to catch up on your favorite shows. Maybe you’re a month or so behind on a show – watch a couple episodes before bed. There’s something exciting about being able to binge one of your favorite shows. The next episode starts and you’re ready to dive back in again.  

Work on your goals

This includes so many things and can truly be whatever you’re interested in working on. Maybe you’ve been trying to start a blog for a couple years, train for a marathon, organise paperwork, or even start that fitness routine you said you’d start last month.

Working on these goals (even if they are little) will make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Crossing it off the list is the greatest feeling. It’s important we have personal goals, besides our work goals.

Keeping yourself at the forefront of your mind, is the best way to improve your mental health and self worth.

Catch up on housework/organising

We’ve all been there. That one drawer in the kitchen is still a mess, the blankets on the couch are way overdue to be washed, the bathroom needs a harsh cleaning, and the guest bedroom may never get repainted.

Take it one task at a time to better your home for you and your family. Give yourself one day a week where you start on some housework. You’ll feel so much better when your home is a comfortable clean place for you to unwind and truly live and relax in.


It might be the most obvious of all, but exercising is at the top of the stress-reliever list.

There are so many ways to get your heart rate pumping after-work. Go for a run around the block, through your neighbourhood, or maybe at your favorite park or trail. A running pace calculator will help you reach your running goals for that 5k you’ve always wanted to complete.

Buy some new workout clothes to help motivate you to get started. Begin slow and allow your body to train properly to reduce any injuries or setbacks along the way.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and become an expert at Pilates, Tai Chi, or any other new exercises you’ve never tried before or tried and loved. Working out increases the production of endorphins which improves your overall mood and happiness.

Movie night

Go through your old DVD collection or find a movie on Netflix. Pick an oldie you know every word to or a new romcom you’ve been dying to see.

Call some friends over or have a date night in with your partner. Enjoy each others’ company, pop some popcorn, drink a glass of wine, and enjoy time with each other to laugh and relax. This is also a great alternative to going out and spending money at restaurants or bars.

Cuddle up with some blankets on the couch or bed and truly let your mind relax.

Cook and prepare a new meal

Cooking a new meal can be so exciting and fun. Look up a recipe you’ve been wanting to try or maybe the pictures just look so yummy you have to try it.

Get everything you need at the store, set up in your kitchen and make a delicious meal for friends and family. Cooking is incredibly therapeutic and serves as the perfect way to spark your inner creativity.

The healthier the meal, the better you’ll feel after, and you might even find a new favorite dish you can make again. It’s very simple to create a well-balanced meal. Registered Dietitian Vandana Sheth says to, “Fill half your plate with colorful produce, one-forth with your lean protein, and the other forth with your carbs and starch. Add some heart-healthy fat and a dairy or dairy-alternative on the side.” There you have it! A healthy meal for all.

 And relax!