Adding interactive content to your social channels

Creating social media interaction

Everyone tells you to be active on social media, but with so many other businesses and brands competing for visibility, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Creating social media interactionBuild a following and increase connection with your online community by focusing on interactive content.

Adding interactive content takes a few different forms, and some creative experimentation can help you find the formats that connect best with your customers. This can feel counterintuitive if you’re too focused on the brand and business-building aspect of your social media activity.

While it’s good to be aware that social media is a public forum and to maintain a level of professionalism, it’s also providing a relational platform.

Being human online

People respond better to human interaction than brand broadcasts. They’re not voluntarily logging onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., just to be a captive audience for you to sell to. You can provide value in a variety of ways depending on your audience. You might entertain or inform. You can give them an experience that they value.

In the best case, you consistently provide an experience that they appreciate and makes them keep coming back.

Ask questions

What this looks like in practice could be as simple as asking more questions to start conversations, offering opportunities to participate (and maybe incentivising participation), or simply creating more content that elicits a response.

Asking people questions can boost your post interaction, which tends to boost your visibility to more people on the channel. People like answering questions. Take things up a notch by filming your question (always include subtitles for people browsing with sound off) or turning the question into a bit of a game by asking for GIF, photo or video responses.

If your business doesn’t lend itself to natural conversation starters, then try seasonal questions instead.

Use video

Video content in general is excellent for increasing interaction. People are more likely to slow down and engage with your content, and their engagement along with the way channels such as Facebook boost video content in their algorithm extends your reach (for free). Try repurposing existing content such as blogs, articles, and how-to explainers into video format to make the most of existing creations. With the help of an online animator, which is free to use, you can easily create short videos to keep your social media fresh and engaging.

While it’s certainly possible to create longer video content, short and to the point is best in most cases.

Some brands have used the extended social media video with good results, but you have to work harder to hold viewers’ attention the longer the video runs. Several seconds to under a minute is ideal for regular use and businesses just getting started with video, and it has the added advantage of being faster and less effort to create. Go for simple, clear and fast-paced as much as possible.

Adjusting your social media strategy to include more interactivity can be a quick fix with dramatically improved results. Pepper your feed with conversation-starting questions (and don’t forget to check in and keep the conversation going) and increase video content for best results.