A taste of technique – turning your garden into a culinary paradise

What do so many of the great restaurants and eateries have that helps them make fantastic food? Is it the great chef? Amazing technique? Extensive knowledge?

While all of these things help make incredible delectable delights, the main thing they have is something you can have too – great produce!

When it comes to great food, most chefs will tell you the same thing. To make the best food you need the freshest ingredients, and if you know what to do, you can turn your backyard into a fresh food haven.

Now here are my tips on how you can make your garden the first place for all your culinary dreams.

Feed that thirst

Much like us, one of the most important things to keep your outdoor area happy and healthy is water.

Having good irrigation supplies will allow your garden to thrive, supporting any number of edible plant life that you choose to include in your backyard.

This can include drip systems, for those such as vertical gardens if you want to fit your homemade market into a small space.

You can also obtain valves, such as Irritrol Solenoid Valves, that can allow manual shut off, so that you can control how much water your plants receive.

Harvest the humble herb

A great starting point when turning your backyard into an outdoor kitchen is to cultivate herbs.

Not only are they the base of flavour for many dishes, they are great if you are a gardening newbie or not much of a green thumb.

Of course, we all hear of the classics like basil, parsley and rosemary. Start with these basic types as they are hard wearing and can take a bit of a battering.

When you feel more confident, perhaps think about the types of cuisines that you like to eat. Do you like Asian cooking? Try propagating coriander or lemongrass.

Keep your soil healthy

Even if you’re creating a simple veggie patch, one of the many things to help it do well is to keep the bed it in which it rests in proper condition.

Your plants’ soil is what gives it a large portion of its nutrients, which in turn, give you a bountiful and delicious crop if you take good care of it.

Compost and using organic matter are one of the most natural and economic ways to create a healthy garden.

Lifehacker has a great suggestion on how you can use your used coffee granules to make a natural fertilizer.

Plant seasonal

One of the many things that great chefs insist on is freshness. Good chefs often do this, as by having ingredients that are in season, it costs less from the producer.

The same goes for you when buying seeds, as not only will this create variety to your home cuisine, but it will also save you money in the end.

Your local nursery is likely to have some great information on how seasonal planting can reduce your emissions and how to plant for different sized areas.

Keep some feathered friends

A great way to add to your culinary backyard is to keep chickens. If you have the space for a coop, they can provide many benefits.

According to Rodale’s Organic Life, the reasons to keep these feathered helpers are numerous.

The obvious economic one is free eggs. However, there is also the fact of free pest control, as their diet consists of insects, and them doing this helps to sow the soil. Their manure is also high in nitrogen, so easy fertiliser.

Now there are my tips for how to turn your garden into your new supermarket. Enjoy!

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