A new take on the New Year…

Opportunity fortune cookie

How are you feeling about the New Year? Excited about the start of the year, dreading the ‘let’s reflect on the past year’ posts or do you simply let the whole thing pass without another thought?

Opportunity fortune cookie

I used to dread the New Year. Each December I’d be thinking “Oh great another year I haven’t reached my target weight, saved thousands in the bank or been the calm chilled-out parent I aim to be.”  How many self-destructive thoughts can one person have?

Shocking to think only 12 months ago, I started 2016 hating myself and identifying all my failures of the year. I certainly won’t be thinking like that this year. This year I don’t recognise myself. I still haven’t lost weight, saved money or managed to get to the school gates without a nag or a moan to the kids. But this year I’m super excited about the New Year.

A whole year ahead of possibilities and challenging events that will help me grow.

So, what happened?

Well, in January 2016 I made a decision. A decision that will be seen as the turning point of my whole life.  Not bad for being 40 years old… yes, it has taken me a while but hey, I got here.

I left a well-paying job with a great final salary pension to work in a private company on a part-time basis and I incorporated my own business. To be honest, it was easier than some people might think. The organisation I was working in, well, I was hating it. The environment was so toxic that it was suffocating me. So, that was easy to walk away from.

The difficulty was the part where I didn’t apply for another similar role. And how I was going to continue my lifestyle without the decent wage each month? But do you know, I have managed it. It has been tricky but who needs new shoes… it’s all materialistic anyway.

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I’ll still be reflecting on the past year – but this time I’ll be saying, “You go girl. You rock. You have grown into an entrepreneur with a strong mindset, clear vision and a life-changing business. You are far more confident in your own skin. You now know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You are in control of your own destiny.”

Oh and my business – well it’s changing people’s lives in the most subtle of ways. I work with employers to help them manage their staff in the most effective and caring way, and I work with individuals on their personal and professional development. Something that I have been doing for almost 20 years but guess who has been really benefitting – mmmmm Mr Corporate.

My message is this. If you have been coming to the end of the year feeling like s*** and doing the whole self-destructive comparisons – then STOP now.  Look back at the past year and identify one thing that you are super proud of. It might be getting out of the house two days in a row with a full face on. But find that activity and shout from the roof tops how amazing you actually are!

If you’re looking for a sign to change the direction that your life is going – well this is it. Change now!

Laura Rennie

About Laura Rennie

I'm the founder and director of Arena HR and have been a Chartered member of CIPD since 2005. Throughout a successful career I have built an exceptional track record of positive employment relations cases. My employment law experience has been gained in FTSE 500 companies, third sector organisations and latterly 12 years in public sector; effectively fulfilling roles such as Strategic HR Business Partner, OD Adviser, Head of HR and University Lecturer. I have also held the position of CIPD Branch Chair. I have almost 20 years valuable knowledge and an excellent skills set demonstrated through my down-to-earth personality.