A guide to menstruation for men

Montage of photos of men with their fingers in their ears

Some men run a mile if you talk about periods? Why? Here’s what every man should know…

Montage of photos of men with their fingers in their earsOne…

It exists.

It is different for every woman.

It is never a pleasant experience.

It is messy and she will smell different at different times.

It is not disgusting, it is a natural fact.


Having periods does not make you a woman. It makes you female during the potentially reproductive phase of your life.

She may begin at 9 or 18 years old.

She may stop at 28 or 58 years old.

She may stop and start many times, for many reasons.

It is different at each phase of life for every woman.


Not every missed period is a pregnancy.

Not every pregnancy has missed periods.

Hormonal fluctuations cause changes in physical, emotional, and psychological responses.

Mood changes may be very slight, be significant, be fast moving.


Arrival of the blood can mean the end of back pain, stomach cramps, headaches, the feeling that all your energy is being sucked into a pit in your lower abdomen, aching thighs, aching hips, aching breasts, clumsiness, numbness.

Or the beginning.


You have no idea how it feels.

You can sympathise.

You cannot empathise.

You cannot fix it.

You can recognise and respect it.


If we need tampons, towels, pads, to change our clothes.

If we need pants and bedding washed again and again and again.

If we need to rest.

If we feel very horny.

* You can help facilitate these matters.


You do not have the right to use menstruation, or it’s accoutrements, to conjure the most disgusting of images imaginable, to use it as a shorthand for the untouchable, the taboo, the mustn’t be mentioned.

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Eight and most importantly…YOU WOULD NOT EXIST IF IT DID NOT HAPPEN!