9 ways colour can make your home a happier place…

9 ways colour makes your home a happier place

What colour are your walls? It could make all the difference to your mood…

9 ways colour makes your home a happier placeAre you always feeling jittery in your living room? Are you finding it hard to fall asleep in your bedroom? Do you feel like your appetite is suppressed always while in your kitchen? It could be down to your choice of colour.

While there could be other external or internal factors contributing to this, the colorus in your walls at home can make or break your mood.

Although there are no specific rules that state the exact shade for each room, the shade of your walls can affect your emotions. There are certain colours that can make you feel stressed, some that can make you feel at home, and  others that may affect your appetite.

Try using the appropriate color for each room and compare the experience. A good rule of thumb is to choose a colour that makes you feel happy and at home and stay away from overly vibrant shadows.

Let’s take a look at certain colours and what they are associated with:

Red is linked to high energy, courage, strength, and power. What happens when you entered into a room with some items painted black, red, green and blue? Your eyes are drawn to the items in red first.

Yellow is associated with creativity, clarity, and decision making. It promotes brightness, mental clarity, and encourages laughter.

Orange is a joyful colour. It promotes socialisation and happiness, and is inviting. However, too much orange can be irritating and frustrating.

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Violet is sometimes called the colour for adolescent girls. It is stimulating, promotes creativity, and stimulates certain areas of the brain responsible for solving problems. However, too much violet can cause emotion suppression and a feeling of insecurity.

Green is refreshing, renewing, and promotes peace. Many people bring green into their homes by using herb gardens and houseplants.

Blue promotes relaxing feelings. It is cool and calming.

How colour can make your home happier

1. Refresh your bedroom with green

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Are you always thinking of yesterday’s stress even during bedtime? Give yourself sweet dreams by using the colour that promotes sleep: green.

2. Make your living room look bigger using white

Need your space but your budget won’t allow it? Give your room the illusion of space and height by going white on the walls. This also makes your room look well ventilated.

You don’t have to use bright white, pale grey or cream can do the trick.

3. Bring sunlight indoors with yellow

Yellow can bring sunlight into those dark rooms that lack natural light. In fact, yellow can help you attract buyers if you are intending to sell your house. Use it your living rooms, kitchens, or entryways and you’ll feel like you are in the sunlight.

4. Boost your appetite with orange

Are you feeling hungry but struggling with appetite? Are you just bored with your meal prep? Give your kitchen a coat of orange to make your meal prepping exciting. Orange stimulates your appetite. Maybe you’ve noticed how most fast-food restaurants prefer orange to other colours?

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5. Use red to stimulate passion, movement and excitement

Red can invite interaction. You can use it for a bedroom, dining room or kitchen. It promotes warmth, stimulates passion, and promotes healthy conversations. But keep it for a single wall.

6. Be stimulated with blue

Blue is for motivation, it stimulates, calms and soothes emotions. It is associated with authority and productivity. Most companies use it in their offices, because of its inspiring qualities. It helps to arouse the energy required to accomplish a task. Blue is calming and makes you feel contented in your bedroom.

8. Get inspired with purple

Purple is associated with creativity and drama. It was named the colour of the year in 2018 by Pantone Color Institute. Give one or all of your bedroom walls a purple wash to add a new hue of creativity.

9 Be energised with pink

If you normally wake up feeling low, chances are that you are not the problem but the colour on your wall. Make your morning fun and feel energetic by painting your bedroom and bathroom walls a fun shade of pink.

Decide your own colour chart

Before you decide to paint your bedroom walls green or purple, asses how colour affects you, your mood, your emotion, and your wellbeing. Some may impact you positively while others negatively.

Make a personal chart and assess which colours you feel attracted to and use them for the respective areas of your home.

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