9 tips to organise a perfect wedding on the beach

beach wedding

Dreaming of a beach wedding?

beach weddingThe picturesque backdrop of white sands and crystal blue waves, the duet of the winds and waters singing songs of your union, the scent of the ocean more romantic than any incense, flower, or perfume…yes, having a beach wedding really is the dream.

Not to mention that weddings done in open air are the safest and most practical these days given the current pandemic.

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding on a faraway island or a ceremony that’s close to home, we have several tips on how to organise your perfect day.

1. Get the beach permit

The first thing that you want to do is to secure a location. Remember, most beaches in the US are public, so you might want to look into the permit requirements needed by the local or state government. This will vary according to the location, of course. Some are not that strict while others require a list of all the equipment you’ll use or even the food and drinks that you’ll be serving your guests.

2. Make the beach accessible for everyone

Another factor that you should consider when choosing your location is its convenience. While you can always provide transportation and accommodations to your guests, don’t forget to consider the other people involved in your wedding, like your florists, caterers, band, and more.

3. Pay attention to the time of day

Don’t forget to account for the time of your ceremony as well. You might be perfectly okay standing in the heat of the sun for extended hours, but your guests might not be. At the very least, it is safe to assume that doing so isn’t healthy for really young or elderly loved ones. Hence, we highly recommend performing the ceremony at sunset. The view is at its finest anyway.

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You could provide a lot of shaded areas for your guests as well, or you might also want to consider holding the reception indoors.

4. Pick food that won’t melt

Speaking of heat, choose food and drink selections that won’t easily spoil even when exposed to higher temperatures. We also don’t recommend cakes made with buttercream as they will surely melt quickly and get ruined.

Again, a workaround is holding your reception in a nearby resort, although that might defeat the purpose of holding a beach wedding in the first place.

5. Get windproof decor

Do you know what else can melt away in the heat of the sun? Certain flowers. Hence, you need to be particular about the floral decor you choose and make sure that your chosen varieties won’t easily wilt.

Go for decorative elements that can prove sturdy against strong winds as well. You will never go wrong in securing everything twice with added adhesive.

Finally, we don’t recommend candles. Fire and flowy curtains in the wind is not a pair that anyone would want for any event.

Select the proper beach wedding attire

Anyway, now that the location, food, and decorations are settled, we can finally move on to your attire.

6. Choose a lightweight fabric dress

The wind doesn’t always work to your disadvantage. For instance, it can make a lightweight dress look dreamy both in photos and in real life. Having said that, you’d want to stay away from fabrics that will look weighed down. You wouldn’t want to wear such thick clothes under the sun anyway.

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7. Don’t overdo the accessories

Another aspect of your attire that might look “weighed down” are your accessories. Your gold wedding ring and a simple pair of earrings or a flattering necklace are enough to complete your look.

8. Pick the right shoes to stay cool

We definitely don’t recommend heels at the beach, and we believe that your groom certainly wants to feel comfortable as well, so he should rely on some quality men’s dress shoes that are classy at the same time.

It’s good to apply the same “lightweight” principle when choosing your footwear.

9. Make sure there’s a colour balance

Finally, let’s talk about the theme. Honestly, the beach motif is already given your chosen location. Instead, we want to talk more about your colour options.

It’s pretty understandable why you might want to gravitate towards natural colours. They might not stand out that much, though, against the white or beige colour of the sands. You can opt for bright colours instead.

To sum up

Having a beach wedding is an absolute dream, but it does require a certain amount of preparation. To sum up… first, book your location and secure all the necessary requirements. Second, your dress, food, and decor must be appropriate for the hot and windy nature of the beach. Finally, don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour. It makes all the difference to make your wedding more interesting and lively.

Best wishes!


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