8 Ways exercising with your partner will help you reach your fitness goals


Fitness journeys are personal, but it doesn’t mean that you need to take yours on alone.

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/05/07/23/41/cyclists-2294009_1280.jpgIn fact, there are plenty of benefits to working out with your partner, showing that couples that sweat together do indeed stay together. Here are 8 ways exercising with your partner can help you reach your fitness goals.

Two birds, one stone

As explained in a previous post here on the Henpicked blog, one of the most common reasons why people don’t exercise as much is that they can’t seem to find the time for it in their busy lives. The next time you and your partner feel tempted to use this excuse, make date night pull double duty by exercising together. This allows you to bond with each other while pursuing your fitness goals – making gym time guaranteed couple time.

No more skipping

By working out with your partner, you get an extra layer of accountability that can help ensure you no longer skip gym days. A recent study conducted in London on nearly 4,000 couples found that men and women are more likely to make positive health behaviour changes – such as becoming physically active, losing weight, and quitting smoking – if their partner does, too. After all, it’s harder to sleep in on a gym day if the person next to you is dragging himself out of bed.

Improving efficiency

The mere fact that your partner is there in the gym with you can have a profound effect on the efficiency of your workout. Psychology Today explains that bringing along a romantic partner during exercise is a fantastic way to boost your energy output, even if you’re not aware of your partner’s influence.

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A great support system

Part of every healthy relationship is mutual support, and this benefit extends to reaching your own fitness goals. When you and your partner are supportive of each other’s fitness goals, it becomes easier to achieve them. What’s more, watching each other succeed can be incredibly motivating.

Inspiring camaraderie

One thing that happens when you start doing strenuous activities with your partner is that they get to see a new side of you – one that is strong and fit. Working out together allows you and your partner to create new, meaningful memories together and gets you to bond over common passions, whether it be weightlifting, rock-climbing, or running.

Strengthening bonds

Another benefit to exercising with your partner is something called nonverbal mimicry, or what happens when couples match pace and rhythm. This makes you feel emotionally attuned and bonded to one another.

The best part is, this feeling doesn’t end the moment you get your trainers off or leave the gym. Foxy Bingo recommends booking a massage class together and learning the art of holding, kneading, and pressure points of the body. This way, you can conclude your workout by kneading out knots and helping each other unwind.

More confidence, less jealousy

Romantic couple Workouts release hormones that help you feel happy, confident, and sexy, especially when your partner is doing the same thing. This mood-altering effect of exercise makes you feel more confident of yourself around your partner, and works as a safeguard from feelings of jealousy that often exists in relationships. After all, when you feel good about yourself, there’s no need to compare yourself to others.

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Showing off (a little)

Last but not least, working out with your partner lets you show off a little. Muscle and Performance Magazine shares that while better health and quality of life are the ultimate rewards for regular exercise, a great physique certainly doesn’t hurt. Working out with your partner lets you show your toned arms and legs just a little bit and, even better, gives you the opportunity to compliment your partner’s form as well! Everybody wins.

By sharing fitness journeys together, you and your partner stand to gain a wealth of benefits not just in getting fit, but also in growing closer together.

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