7 ways to heat your bathroom in winter

Beat the shivers on cold mornings.

Winter is here, no kidding. It can give you the chills to think twice about going into your bathroom This is mostly the case when you’re warm and trying to maintain the heat. The best scenario is one where leaving your bed to go to the bathroom doesn’t become a challenge!

Here’s how to keep your bathroom warm:

1. Keep a heated towel to hand

What do you want after a hot bath? A warm towel to complement the heat. It’s no use having a cold bathroom and using cold items after a bath. This way, you can step out of the bath or shower and into the waiting arms of warmth. If you don’t have one, have a towel warmer installed. Most options can be charged and linked to your hot water system.

2. Change your paint job

Heating your bathroom in the winter could be as simple as painting the walls. White, for instance, is a universal colour and doesn’t retain or give off any heat. Try colours like red and yellow for a warm glow.

3. Heat up your bathroom space

There is a wide variety of options to heat up your bathroom. Consider using aromatic candles or electric space heaters. They fit in many spaces, including your walls, near your washbasins, and specially crafted areas for that purpose. Then there’s the radiant floor heating that you can install under your tiles. Whatever method you choose, it’ll keep the chills out.

4. Use the natural power of the sun

With the sun shining, it’s the perfect time to open your blinds or curtains. It’s one of the best ways to let warm air inside your bathroom. This is especially the case when you have thick blinds to trap the heat. Just remember to shut the in the evening.

5. Keep the cold air out

Wonder why your bathroom is that cold? Of course, winter plays a massive part, but with cold air, things could get nasty. For example, you might have loose window frames or open pipes. Get all broken windows fixed or replaced with working barricades inside and outside.

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6. Use warm lighting

Energy-saving bulbs sure look beautiful, but in the dead of winter, you’ll dislike them. This is because they don’t pack the sufficient heat-related energy your bathroom needs. With proper lighting, your shower area tends to feel warmer. More so, you can combine colours to good effect and still generate some heat. Get an expert to help you install bulbs that create warmth. For instance, infrared heating and heating lamps are excellent options and most options come in splash-proof.

7. Get some shutters

Whether you buy made-to-measure or off-the-shelf, shutters work a treat. They’re easy to make too. Simply get an old cardboard box and tape them to fit in the window space. Not enough? Consider using foam boards. This way, the chill is kept out and you have an insulated bathroom. If the space remains quite chilly, get a thick cloth or an old blanket isn’t a bad idea too. What you want is a warm space, so decor should be secondary.

Summarily, these are helpful ways to heat up your bathroom in the winter. It’s possible to have a warm floor and atmosphere whenever you enter your bathroom.

Stay warm this winter… in every room of your house