7 Tips on content marketing for your business

computer: content marketing

How important is content marketing in today’s business world?

computer: content marketingBy all means – it’s crucial. 60% of all B2B marketers have content marketing as the pillar of their brand. According to the State of Inbound, 53% of content creators prioritize blog writing above anything else.

To boost your SEO rating and grow your brand, you need to have an effective content marketing strategy. Here are seven tips on how to accomplish this with ease, all while re-using them in the future.

1. Know your competition

Before you embark on a journey to create content, make sure you know your niche. If you’re selling air condition units, research the best brands and websites on the subject. See how they use words and other types of content to improve brand awareness and gain popularity.

Experiment and don’t be afraid to take ambitious leaps in terms of strategy. Once you’ve studied the competition, you can beat them at their own game. Content marketing is all about preparation for each phase of your business plan and development.

2. Use images

Did you know that 65% of the entire human population are visual learners? When creating content, you shouldn’t focus just on text forms. Of course, written word should be a basis of your marketing strategy, but images can expand your influence. More people will read your content if it’s presented in a fun and visual way.

If you’re writing guides, how-to or project reviews, don’t be afraid to accompany every section with an image. The same goes for statistics and number-based data. Shake the traditional form up to get the most out of your content.

3. Infographics are beneficial to your business

Your audience loves statements backed by information. However, they will be even happier to see that you’ve added numbers with a corresponding visual representation. Infographics are a great way to get through to customers and demonstrate the “weight” of the content you’re writing.

Graphs, charts, and infographics are excellent for two reasons. They look like they’re hard to make and people remember visual data faster. An underrated benefit of infographics is the ability to customize them to fit your blog’s layout.

4. Motivate people into providing content for you

When dealing with a significant fanbase, you might want to outsource content marketing. Instead of hiring an outside agency, focus on your audience. Organize interesting campaigns and contests to entice people into participating. Best photo awards, creative videos, and graphic designs are all great ways to obtain user-generated content (UGC).

Spotify is an excellent example of content marketing via UGC. With Spotify Stats, people shared interesting statistics about their year regularly, all while promoting the brand.

5. Create hashtags

All business must have a social media presence if they wish to succeed. For a social media marketing strategy to succeed, you need to have insight into what’s going on. Therefore, create hashtags for every product, project, and campaign to follow the popularity and shareability of your post.

Hashtags are a great way to invite influencers into joining your campaigns, as well. Create simple hashtags that feature your brand name and maybe a call to action. By doing so, you increase brand awareness and make people feel like they’re a part of a community.

6. Let people tell your story across channels

Content marketing means a unified approach to promoting your brand. Make sure that every campaign or your posts are on the basis of an idea. Then, see to it that this idea can be transferred to multiple channels and forms.

If a good blog post of yours gets popular, why not turn into a short tutorial? That interesting infographic you’ve made? It can be turned into an in-depth blog post as well. The most popular content is universal and transferable. Forming campaigns this way will help your business immensely.

7. Plan and don’t be afraid to revisit

Every type of the year is different, and your content marketing should follow this example. Modify your content according to the season and promote it new and inventive ways. Content marketing only pays dividends if you plan. By setting goals, you can later see how fast you’ve reached them and if you didn’t, why you didn’t. That’s how reference points are made.

Revisit old content if possible. Expand upon ideas from older blogs and explore other niches of a topic. With such an approach, you won’t find it hard to establish a constant flow of posting.

Concluding thoughts

All these points lead to the formation of a consistent and lucrative content marketing plan. Capitalize on your opponents’ mistakes and set the ground for your campaigns as well. With a constant stream of content, your business will grow overnight, leading to improved sales numbers and growths in popularity.

Don’t be afraid to execute and have faith in your plans.