7 reasons travel aids your emotional wellbeing

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How exploring the world can help your mental health. 


woman travelling, travelOur lives can often feel like they just consist of work and paying bills. There are many things we can do to relieve stress. Run, eat, read, spend time with family and friends. And travel.

Even making travel plans can make you feel happier. Here are some travel tips to make things easier.

Below are seven reasons why travelling is important for your emotional wellbeing:

1. It relieves stress

Although making plans can take up time, lots of people find they are caught up with the adrenaline. After all, making plans for something fun is always a good way to pass the time. Travelling itself can take you away from a stressful work and home situation, helping you find perspective.

2. It builds up your self-esteem

Speaking a different language, immersing yourself into a new culture, navigating different types of public transport… getting to grips with all of this can really boost your confidence.

3. It advances liberty

The constraints of our own lives are often shed when we travel. We often discover a new way of thinking, learning to look at things with a different perspective.

4. It helps you appreciate small things

Travelling can open your eyes to what people in different countries and cultures are faced with. Often things we take for granted, such as fresh running water or a pair of shoes. It can help to open your eyes to what you do actually have.

5. You will get to know yourself better

If you travel alone, you’ll find yourself making lots of decisions, and you’ll start to appreciate your own abilities – another confidence booster. 

6. It improves your social skills

Travelling often means meeting people along the way, making new friends and finding out more about different cultures.

7. It keeps you in a pleasant state of mind

From losing yourself in a metropolitan city or enjoying a swim in clear waters, all types of travel really are good for your state of mind, boosting your sense of positivity.

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