7 fun ways to spend your time off

How to get the best from your free time

Everyone enjoys having time off. It can be such a relief to go to bed knowing that an alarm clock won’t be waking you up at seven in the morning. Some people may prefer to stay at home and relax a bit, or gather the family together and head out for a few hours of fun. Others may have some kind of trip or getaway planned to have fun and relieve stress. The amount of money, the length of time off, and travelling distance can determine what kind of trip you decide to go on, but there are still plenty of options.

Here are my top seven things to do:

1. Go camping

Camping gets you away from civilization and into the outdoors. You’ll have your mobile phone in case of emergency, but it’s a nice break from the TV and computer. You can go camping in the middle of an open field, the woods, or in a state park. Getting a good deal with discount camping equipment makes camping a fun and cheap weekend getaway.

2. Stay at a cabin or holiday home

That cabin can be in the woods, on the lake, or up in the mountains, depending on what’s available nearby and/or your preferences on scenery. It can get you away from your everyday life and into the fresh air. From visiting nearby towns to hiking the surrounding trails, it’s perfect to take your mind off of things and have fun.

3. Visit a resort

A resort can be on the beach, up in the mountains, or within a city, once again depending on your preferences for scenery. Resorts usually offer recommendations for local tourist activities such as restaurants, shopping, or activities for kids. Getting to try an activity that might not be available where you live can be part of a fun holiday.

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4. Take a road trip

There doesn’t have to be a particular place where you’ll eventually end up. As the saying goes, it’s about the journey, not the destination. If it’s summertime, camping can be included somewhere along the way. You can map out a route that will take you through other areas of your state, possibly through a neighbouring state, and will end back at home.

5. Visit friends or relatives

You may have long-distance friends from school or college, or family members who aren’t always able to show up at holiday gatherings. You make sure to keep in touch with them and make it a priority to visit them once or twice a year. It can be a great way to relax from your own life, catch up on their life, and visit the area they live in.

6. Have a family fun day

Another great activity for your time off is to have a family fun day. You may have the week off from work, but your kids still have to go to school. If not everyone is free to go on some kind of trip or you don’t have the money for it, maybe there are some fun places to go to in your area. Visiting the zoo, aquarium, or park can be a great way to bring the family together and get everyone out of the house for a while.

7. Do nothing

Yes, literally nothing. There’s nothing wrong with having a lazy day if you need to. You can lounge around on the couch or even in bed if you want. You can watch TV, read a book, or just do whatever comes to mind. Put off doing some of the household chores and ask someone else to take over for the day.

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There are plenty of other appealing things to do with your time off. It all depends on what’s available to you—distance and money-wise.

There are quite a few factors that will determine what you decide you want to do.

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