7 best productivity apps for busy businesswomen

How to up your productivity…

Let’s face it. We all want to be more productive. Even those of us with an established routine and decent amount of success. There are always more methods and habits  that can increase how much we can get done in any given day. Figuring out what these techniques are is where some of us struggle. 

In an effort to help you save time and increase your effectiveness on many levels, here is a list of the best productivity apps for busy business women.

1. Todoist

A favourite app that is easy to use and a certain help to productivity is Todoist. This app is basically like a to-do list on a very professional and organised level. By using the organisational and project tracking features it offers, Todoist can get the many tasks you need to accomplish off of your mind and into a system that works. You’ll no longer need to use scribbled-filled sticky notes to stay on top of everything that needs your attention. 

Todoist works by organising every task you need to get done in a very efficient and highly accessible manner. It allows you to get a clear and concise overview of every task you enter into the app and revisit these items as you work to accomplish each. You can then cross off of your list as they are completed. This app is great for anyone with a busy schedule.   

2. Notion

Notion is another amazing app that is sure to increase your productivity by offering an all-in-one workspace to cover a wide variety of tasks. Whether you are looking to collaborate with other coworkers and team members or increase organization on any level, this app can help you handle it all in a functional and user-friendly fashion. 

Notion features four different productivity tools across its interface. Notes & Docs allows you to create to-do lists, handles word processing, and create other general documents. Knowledge Base can turn a broad amount of information into easy-to-access answers. Tasks & Projects can keep your projects in line and on time. Spreadsheets & Databases is a reliable method to keep data and other important information up-to-date.   

3. Airmail

Email is an absolutely essential aspect to modern productivity needs. Airmail is a fast and reliable email app that will keep all of your messages organized and easily accessible. You can funnel mail from multiple accounts into one place in order to better track communications for both personal and professional needs. 

Airmail is specific to Apple-based devices, so if you are running a PC, you’ll need to find another option. But if you have any number of iOS devices, this app will enable you to sync the powerful email capabilities it offers between them all. It boasts key features such as a smart inbox, privacy mode, and unified inbox. This allows you to stay on top of the endless stream of incoming messages we all face daily. 

4. Trello

Trello is a great app for project management and collaboration that is straightforward in function but offers an easy way to increase productivity. For the busy businesswoman, this app will give you the power to keep tabs of any and all important projects you are involved with. From a big client proposal to your own in-house needs, Trello helps by setting up important check-lists and parameters that will document progress on it all. 

If you have yet to use Trello before, you may be surprised at its simplicity but don’t let that make you underestimate its effectiveness. By keeping track of projects in a simple manner, the app won’t overwhelm you with extra features but instead will sharpen your focus on the tasks at hand. This is a highly recommended and excellent all-round app for productivity purposes.    

5. Slack

If your business needs involve steady communication and you work with a team, Slack is another amazing app to explore. This app will allow you to stay in touch with anyone involved in a project or with your business. It provides an all-in-one solution for many different forms of important communication. The tools it provides will help your business stay focused even when those working on it are scattered across time-zones. 

Slack will allow you to organise conversations, projects, timelines, and many other crucial aspects of your business. This makes it easy to dive into any task that needs attention or start a new collaboration or project without having to sift through endless archives of cluttered files. For remote working projects or involvement with other businesses, Slack is a valuable asset.   

6. Google Docs

For any word processing tasks you need to be done for your business, Google Docs has you covered. This app is Google’s version of a standard text creation program. But where it stands out is in the easy manner of how you can share any documents created with others. This makes it easy to collaborate, build, and share documents with others with only a few simple clicks. 

Anyone can create a Google Drive account which will give you access to Google Docs as well as several other highly functional tools that are a part of Google Suite. Google Docs makes it easy to edit and comment on important business documents. The app also offers hundreds of common word processing tools to help you create documents that stand out and are effective.  

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is a well-known app for many people and it is another good option to explore for increasing your productivity. It functions as a search engine of sorts for creative and actionable ideas. You can search for trending topics and use this to reach others in a way that can directly benefit your business needs. 

The app also allows you to participate in and create group boards. Here, you will be able to collaborate with others to come up with new ideas or share common knowledge. This can be a great outlet for you to create fun and unique content that can increase your marketing efforts. 

Final thoughts

Exploring the apps mentioned here is a great way to discover some new tools that can enable you to increase productivity and aid in the many needs that busy business women everywhere experience. You might find the unique tools can directly benefit you business or support a big project. 

Each app is a little different and you might be able to utilize aspects of several to best assist your needs.

By mixing things up and exploring what each of these has to offer, you can implement new tools and techniques to help you stay productive and perform at the highest level.

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