7 benefits of aquatic therapy for relieving back pain

Back pain can be caused by various factors. Spending a lot of time sitting down and in front of the computer is probably one of the most common causes. Following a sedentary lifestyle with a lack of exercise plays a certain role, too.

Back pain can create a lot of difficulties, meaning you often can’t enjoy in everyday life. Many people are constantly looking for a way to relieve their back pain, and they are generally ready to try just about anything for that to happen.

Aquatic therapy is one way to relieve the pain, offering a whole host of benefits.

What is aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, is the term used to describe various exercises and treatments which are performed in water. This type of therapy is most commonly used in order to aid muscle relaxation and physical rehabilitation.

All aquatic therapy techniques are performed in a special bath under the surveillance and guidance of a trained professional therapist. In most cases, aquatic therapy is used to help patients with back pain, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal pain, postoperative rehabilitation and paediatric disabilities.

Aquatic therapy has been known to relieve pain, stress, promote relaxation, improve balance, coordination, and flexibility and increase the range of motion of the patient. But let’s see how exactly is aquatic therapy supposed to relieve your back pain.

Seven beneficial effects of aquatic therapy are:

1. Pain relief

We will start with the most obvious one – pain relief. Aquatic therapy has been shown to effectively relieve pain, including back pain. It has been used for a while now to treat patients with back pain from various causes and it plays a part in the standard treatment for back pain.

A study published in the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy has investigated the effects of hydrotherapy on chronic back pain and provided a real proof of these beneficial effects.

 2. Stress busting

Stress is known to be one of the factors that increase the occurrence of pain, especially when it comes to lower back pain. Allow yourself a chance to relieve all of the stress that has been building up by enjoying the calming, relaxing effects of the aquatic therapy. The warm water will erase the stress and with that, your back pain will calm down.

3. Improved posture

Bad body posture can influence your life in many ways, and it has been listed as one of the causes of back pain. Aquatic therapy offers you to solve this problem and with that to relieve your back pain and fix other medical issues that might be caused by your bad posture.

4. Increased mobility

Water provides a chance for increased mobility when you are performing the prescribed exercises as a part of the aquatic therapy. By doing so, you will directly work towards improved mobility outside water as well,  your joints will grow to be more mobile and your pain will decrease. Soon enough you will be able to perform more movements with ease.

 5. Reduced risk of injuries

When you are suffering from back pain, the chances are that you are suffering from balance problems as well. That increases the risk of injuries directly, especially when you are completing a workout plan. Exercising while you are suffering from balance problems especially puts your joints in danger.

However, when you are exercising in water, that risk of injury is significantly decreased, so you get to complete your workout and gain all the beneficial effects. If you combine aquatic therapy with some of the best vitamins for joint pain, you are helping to improve your pain.

6 Improved circulation 

Good circulation is vital if you are looking to relieve your pain. This is achieved by using warm water during the aquatic therapy which enhances your blood flow. In addition, the warm water will relax any muscle spasms, relieving joint and muscle pain. But that’s not all! Your whole body will benefit from the improved circulation that the warm water brings.

 7 Muscle rehabilitation

By improving your circulation, relieving stress and muscle tension and increasing your mobility, aquatic therapy helps with muscle rehabilitation, essential for muscles which are injured which very quickly leads to back pain.


Back pain is not an easy thing to live with; however, luckily it is one of the medical issues that can often be solved by using various aspects of physical therapy. Aquatic therapy, or hydrotherapy, is one of those aspects which are commonly used to treat patients who are suffering from back pain.

Once you’ve tried aquatic therapy, it won’t be long before you start to notice  all of the beneficial effects that we have discussed, finding relief from the nagging ache of back pain.