6 top tips for the perfect engagement photos

engagement photos

Ready to start planning the big day?

engagement photosGetting engaged is an exciting time as you look forward to your future together. Before you start the big planning to find the dress, the table decorations, the guestbook, and arranging a honeymoon, your engagement is a great opportunity to capture your time together on camera.

The big question is: what will you wear during the engagement session and look the best? Figuring out what to wear during the engagement photos shouldn’t stress you. Do you choose casual, dressy, or themed clothing? Should it be dark or light? You want to look your best but enjoy the process.

Lots of people choose to use engagement photos as part of their wedding invite. It’s also practice for posing in front of a camera. Plus, you’ll get some lovely photos to adorn your home.

Here are our six top tips:

1. Be yourself

If you want to choose something that will make you look good during the engagement photo session, this is the number one tip. Picking an outfit that doesn’t fit you makes you feel uncomfortable and it will show in the photos. Are you happiest in jeans and a t-shirt? As long you’re happy with what you wear, it will reflect in your pictures.

If you choose to wear make-up for your wedding day, engagement pictures are a great opportunity to coordinate a trial.

2. Make sure you’re comfortable.

What looks good on one person is less so on another. Most of us have a few hang-ups, and you don’t want to spend the whole photoshoot worrying about what your arms will look while wearing a strapless dress, for example. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable. This gives you the confidence you need to glow during your shoot.

3. Coordinate your colours

It’s a good idea to colour coordinate between the couple in a photo session, but don’t look identical. If you wear a red dress, your partner could choose to wear a red tie. That makes both look great, and but not ‘matchy’. Try to be creative and choose complementary colours. Black is great but best avoided here. One speck of dust can really show on camera. And many people choose to save white until the big day.  

4. Incorporate accessories

Incorporating accessories like a chunky necklace or a stylish scarf can make a big difference. These will help to give you a variety of looks in the photos. If men don’t want to accessorise, they could choose to wear layers of clothing. This gives the photos more visual interest.

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5. Dress for the weather

Most engagement photo shoots take place outside. Therefore, dress depending on the season. If you wear thin summer clothes during winter, you’ll feel cold and miserable in the photoshoot session. On the other hand, heavy clothes during the summer make you hot and uncomfortable.

6. Choose multiple outfits

Coming equipped with more than one outfit for your engagement photo session will not hurt. If you’re not sure whether to go formal or casual, take both. Start with casual. Then you can try out some more formal looks. Just check if there are changing facilities – or be prepared to change in your car.

The best experience for you

Everyone would like to have the perfect experience for their engagement photos. The trick to that is having great lighting and the right photographer. But much will be determined by what you wear and how you feel in the photo session.

Consider these tips for an engagement photo session to remember forever.