6 top mattress shopping tips

6 tips for mattress shopping

Usually, a standard bed mattress lasts up to ten years. But medics recommend that you should consider replacing your mattress after six years.

6 tips for mattress shoppingBecause of the cost and the frustration of buying a new mattress, some people ignore the fact that they are old and continue using their mattresses long after they are completely worn out.

Unlike regular household purchases, buying a new mattress is difficult. It requires planning, reading other consumer reviews, and selection of the right store. The following tips will help you in selecting a mattress that suits your needs.

Types of mattress

Common kinds of mattresses in the market are:

  • Memory foam
  • Innerspring
  • Latex
  • Hybrid

They are different because of the materials and the qualities they provide. Memory foam mattresses are good for preventing back pain because of the ease at which they conform and adjust to the body. They are also comfortable and are suitable for proper spine alignment

Some mattresses are made of latex materials and are firmer and durable. They are reliable and highly dense. While on the other hand, hybrid mattresses are a combination of the contents which make the latex and the memory mattresses. The hybrid mattresses offer both comfort and firmness.

Price comparison

Mattress prices vary a lot, and it is not the quality alone which defines their prices. Manufacturers consider a lot of factors before settling on prices. Essentially, high rates do not mean that the mattress is better.

When buying a mattress, prices serve as a guide, try comparing the qualities of the pallets by using price ranges.  You should look for some comparison metrics like pricing, warranty, comfort, build quality and sleeping experience. Leela and Purple are two amazing mattress brands but only after you read the Leesa vs. Purple Mattress Reviews will you know which one of them suits your purpose better. The prices of the products differ, but choosing between them is tricky. Why? Both products have amazing features and picking between them will depend on what you want besides the price.

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When you are buying a mattress, you want to buy the type that meets your standards. How do you know if it is comfortable or firm enough? You have to test it, i.e. by literally sleeping and rolling on it for approximately seven minutes. You have not only to check one model but several models and in different stores.

If you are buying a mattress for your teenager, you can ask them to accompany you. If it is for your partner, you could also take them along. We all have different tastes, and what may be comfortable for you may not be comfortable enough for your partner.

Product reviews

Online product reviews provide you with a lot of information about other customers’ experiences. Customers’ opinions are honest, and they can give you a clear picture of the mattress you intend to buy.

To boost sales and build trust, online stores like Amazon analyze all reviews before verifying them. Both positive and negative reviews appear under the reviews section.

Product reviews will be critical, especially when you are going to buy online where chances of testing the products are minimal.


Almost all the products come with warranties. Most mattress warranty periods range from five to 20 years. These are designed to protect consumers from defects, sagging, and deviations in mattress quality. More extended warranties are attractive, but it is the details in the guarantees and the return policy that matters.

It is crucial to go through the whole warranty before making a purchase.

Avoid buying during on-sale rush

The quality of sale items can vary, and the focus of selling agents is on getting more sales. You may not get the chance to test and ask questions during the rush because of long customer queues.

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Final tip…

When buying a mattress, remember to get exact measurements of your bed because of the varying bed and mattress sizes.

There is nothing as bad and time-consuming when buying a mattress and realizing that it does not fit your bed.

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