6 Ideas to create productive social media strategy for new entrepreneurs

Social media strategy: woman entrepreneur at her computer looking at digital marketing

New entrepreneurs have a very pronounced need for low-cost marketing. One of the best solutions is focusing on your social media.

Social media strategy: woman entrepreneur at her computer looking at digital marketingAccording to Brand Watch, 91% of all retailers use more than two channels for social media marketing. That’s how important promoting your brand on social media is. Use these 6 ideas to refresh your marketing strategy and make your brand more visible.

1. Understand that it’s more than marketing

For inexperienced entrepreneurs, social media marketing can feel dull and uninspiring. Why? Most entrepreneurs view investing time in social media strategies as merely a way of earning money.

Sometimes, all you need is fresh motivation to think of better ways, designs, and campaigns. Aside from boosting sales, social media is also for:

  • Meeting other professionals. Lots of people in your niche would love to talk with you via social media channels.
  • Spreading an idea. Remember, your brand has to be a representation of an idea. If you succeed in implementing an idea, selling products will be much easier.
  • Providing support to customers. Social media is meant for communication, which will urge people to reach out.

2. Outsource, instead of abandoning

Content is king. A recent HubSpot survey concluded that 53% of marketers consider content marketing as their primary inbound approach.

However, when a brand grows, entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed by the number of things to take care of. In an attempt to lessen their workload, many marketers decide to cut down on their content.

Outsourcing written content for social media is a game changer. The best way of lessening a workload is to use the online services for your content requirement.

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You can outsource your personal profile work to a professional resume writer for cover letters, LinkedIn profile, thank you emails, etc.

3. Make solving problems a priority

Are you experiencing a lack of conversions and outreach even if you started outsourcing your writing? If so, your problem must lie in approaching your customers. It’s all about the tone. Try looking to solve their problems and sending a positive message through your content.

Eliminate calls to action at the beginning of the content. Use explanations and introductions to seem less sales-y.

Rhetorical questions are a great way to show your audience you care. For instance, if you’re selling performance garments, you can begin a post with “Having trouble finding the perfect jogging tights?”.

Emphasize how your products and services effectively eliminate a problem.

4. Establish an approachable persona

People don’t like it when a brand seems too “professional” and distant from them. Instead, try to seem more human on social media. Respond to comments, inbox messages and always nurture a communicative tone.

As unbelievable as it seems, a majority of people finds it awkward to approach a brand on social media precisely because of that “professionalism.” To lighten the mood even further, surprise some interested customers who approach you with discount codes or free trials.

5. Retaining customers is very important

A good idea for creating a productive social media strategy is to emphasize customer retention. You can do this in two very different, but equally important ways.

  • You can approach multi-time customers privately, but identifying their purchase history whenever they approach you. Send them a discount code or free sample in private.
  • The second method consists of publicly rewarding loyal customers with statements such as “Those who have already bought from us have a 20% discount on the next purchase.”
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6. Plan every step

The most successful social media strategies are the result of a plan. When you have a schedule, it’s easy to predict results and allocate your funds and efforts. Create a social media calendar. Plan things such as:

  • Special holiday posts and offers. Have a whole different page/account theme for a few days to incite interest.
  • Launches of new products. Include tutorials, tester testimonials and more.
  • Clearance sales, introductions of new services.
  • Even a redesign warrants new content and a series of social media posts.

Concluding thoughts

Focus on planning your every move. Take an unorthodox approach and stand out from the shadow of other brands. Being consistent can take you places, and all you need to do is remain consistent and confident in your vision.