5 unique things people are adding in their houses

Does your house feature any of these?

Gone are the days when people had to depend on their architect to decide on the layout and the design of the house. Today, homeowners have taken an active role in deciding everything that goes into their new house, and the creativity around it is just amazing. There are unique features that are either high tech or hand made to make the house beautiful and unique. When you’re thinking of creating some personal and original space, think of these unique features that people are adding to their homes lately.

Decorative arts

House décor has also taken a new turn with people choosing artistic work. People are coming up with very creative ways to add pops of colours, create gallery walls, and hand abstract arts in their houses. These works of art are usually very simple, but when a stranger looks at them, they would think it took too much work to put together. One of those creative and growing décor trends is the decorative ladder that is growing in popularity. Yes, a simple working ladder can now add beautiful dimensions and styles to a modern home.

Smart toilets

It seems like homes are going smart on everything and the toilets are not left behind. There are new kinds of toilets that will perform an analysis of your urine after you finish your business. The urinalysis will then inform you whether you have conditions such as diabetes or any other kind of infection. This smart device aims to keep you healthy and help you detect any illness as soon as possible for earlier treatment. Well, from how things are going, women will start learning they’re pregnant before they know themselves as their toilets will do all the testing.

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Heated floors

For those who live in extremely cold areas, you understand that the floor can be extremely cold during these seasons. Even stepping on it becomes a problem. Insulation has gone a notch higher, and you no longer have to put rugs down there to experience some warmth. There is an increasing trend in radiant heated floors. Now your builders can install some warming coils under the floorboards that you can switch on and off depending on the heat level. These unique technological devices warm out your flow, especially during cold seasons like winter. You really need these heated flows to warm your bathrooms during winter and make it easy for you to take a bath amidst the cold.

House robots

Tied of hiring and firing house help? Not anymore because you can now have stress-free robot house helpers to help around the house. If you want a cleaner home, someone to serve you drinks, or to operate some machines in the house, you don’t have to lift a figure because the robots will do all. You have full control of the robot, as you can just use touch screens to direct them to what you need to be done. Some are made to respond to spoken commands or gestures. These robots are still being developed and, very soon, they will be a common part of any household.

Folding patio doors

Space is increasingly becoming limited to the growing population. However, the need to live in big houses is still there, so people have to come up with creative ways to maximize the small spaces available. The folding patio door system is becoming popular among several homeowners. Apart from minimizing space, these doors come with some aesthetic appeal that every homeowner desires. When you close these doors the normal way, they fold up to provide access to the outdoors. Other homeowners also customize full wall installations. For those with limited budgets, two-panel systems on their folding patio doors also work great.

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Homebuilding and décors are indeed going higher, and new things keep popping up every day. Adding these new trends and technologies in your home can increase its perceived value. So, if you’re in a home-selling business, these trends will get you better chances with your buyers.

If you are building for personal use, some of these trends can save you space, power, money, and make your life comfortable.

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