5 house cleaning tips using everyday products

House cleaning with kitchen products

When spring arrives, many of us turn our thoughts to some serious house cleaning.

House cleaning with kitchen productsYour home can accumulate specks of dust, blotches of dirt, and even become a nesting ground for pests if left neglected.

To enjoy the comfort of your home, it’s advisable to spring clean every once in a while or at least clean major areas regularly.

Here’s a rundown of the top five mind-blowing house cleaning tips that you should try to keep your home in tiptop condition.

1. Wrap a butter knife with a cloth to clean air vents.

Air vents are portals for dirt. Some of the dirt even get stuck in between air vents and are very stubborn to remove. Always prioritise safety for the entire family by protecting them from any pests and bacteria that go through air vents.

You can grab a butter knife or any small knife that can fit in between the vents and wrap it with a damp piece of cloth. Then slip and clean the vents while regularly washing the cloth to rid of dirt and dust.

2. Use vinegar to clean surfaces.

If you open anyone’s kitchen cupboard, you’d be likely to find vinegar. It is a cooking staple in most households. In laymen’s terms, vinegar is made out of a myriad of diluted alcohol products.

Due to the acidity in vinegar, it’s a perfect cleaning component because it can prevent gunk from building up. For instance, drains take a regular beating daily as we use the bathrooms and kitchens for our showers, meal preps, and dishwashing.

With different elements like soap, oil, hair, or any icky substance that go through the drains, sometimes it can produce a massive nasty build-up. By pouring vinegar and boiling water into them, you can help prevent drain clogs.

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Vinegar is also great for giving your bathroom or bedroom mirrors, car windows, or living room sliding doors an excellent shine. By mixing vinegar and water in a spray bottle and wiping with newspaper, you can achieve a clean and spotless shine in no time.

3. Use a dust mop to clean walls and ceilings.

It’s a given fact that homeowners usually focus on vacuuming the floors as it’s very accessible. However, the walls and ceilings need the same amount of cleaning too. Since it’s tough to get to these high surfaces, sometimes people use ladders and wipe one wall area at a time. But this method can be time-consuming.

Use a dust mop to clean a large wall and ceiling area swiftly. It’s more comfortable with a long pole and can cut the time in half too.

4. Use baking soda for whitening and cleaning.

Another kitchen staple is baking soda. Many have reaped the benefits of the alkali component in baking soda which removes grease and dirt in almost any part of a home. You can administer baking soda for cleaning in two ways. First is to dissolve it in a concoction of liquid like water or vinegar. Second is to sprinkle some on a damp cloth for wiping surfaces.

Since it’s a natural ingredient, baking soda is safe to use around pets and children. Therefore, if you want to get rid of chemical-filled cleaning products, you can spray a mixture of baking soda onto glass, steel, enamel, chrome, and plastic surfaces.

It also has a gentle abrasive property when sprinkled on a damp cloth; it’s a perfect solution for wiping tubs, tiles, microwaves, sinks, or plastic containers. Baking soda is undeniably a proven and tested whitening agent as some people even use it on their teeth.

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5. Save your old toothbrushes for various cleaning purposes.

Plastic toothbrushes are very sturdy cleaning materials. Although the dentists require to change your toothbrush after every three months, this can leave a negative impact on the environment. Imagine if all 7.7 billion people in the world throw their toothbrush away a couple of times a year. That’s not a very environment-friendly lifestyle.

One way to get the most out of your old toothbrush is to save it and use it for cleaning corners or baseboards. You can also use them to clean every nook and cranny on your furniture or just about any piece of household equipment that needs minor brushing.

What I usually do is prepare a mixture of detergent in a container, then I brush one area at a time, dipping the toothbrush onto the mixture as I go. Then, I wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth afterwards.

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