4 reasons to write a love letter to yourself

Tell yourself how fabulous you are…

The most powerful feeling, the one which inspires us to get up every morning and conquer the world is love. When it is in the air, everything turns out only in a positive way. It is the basic element of all religions. It is eternal, tender, divine, spiritual, faithful and warm. There are various kinds of love: between women and men, parents and children, friends, human and nature.

The one which is underestimated but the most vibrant is self-love. When you admire your body and your soul, love every little part of yourself. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? You can not imagine but research shows that people consider love as a feeling towards others and not themselves at all. There are a number of methods to practice self-love and give yourself that extra boost of confidence we so often need.

Try to write a love letter to yourself.

All you need is to grab a pencil, paper, and get to a cosy place where nobody and nothing will disturb you and just start. It’s a small but unbelievably powerful practice. Here’s how and why to write a love letter to yourself:

1 Your daily affirmation

Affirmations are tools and keys to our consciousness. Simple but so powerful words change your cognition and lead to a more holistic life. The form and style of the love letter are not that important as the sense of it. You can include affirmative sentences in your letter with details about your body, character, goals, achievements, acts of merit, remarkable and joyful insights. As you finish writing, you will have a prepared daily affirmation to read in the morning and start a brand new day.

2 Your lifeline at times of crisis

Your love letter will reduce your stress levels, helping you to recall good things in your mind. And at times of crisis, it will help you get up and move on. Self-criticism is very common. But you can help ease your mind by putting your love letter in your handbag or just keeping a handy digital version of it on your phone.

Every time you feel nervous or anxious, get the letter out and read it for yourself.

3 Relief for your overwhelmed mind

It’s easy to get overwhelmed as other people consume your time, energy and concentration . How many times have you stayed at the office late or didn’t go to the gym sacrificing yourself and putting others’ needs first? Having a magic love letter can help you redirect the spotlight from the world back to yourself and put you back on  track of your own life.

4 Perfect draft for CV and cover letter

The last but not least reason why you need to write a love letter to yourself is rather practical. It always takes time and energy to write about your achievements, emphasize your strengths and compile them all together to get the job of your dreams. When you write a love letter to yourself, you see what you are good at, what are your competitive advantages on the market as a professional. You feel confident and ready to move on.

A little how-to guide

If you find it difficult to express love to yourself, do not force it and think about it for a while, even if your while is a month or two.

Look at your reflection in the mirror, not to check on your outfit but every part of your body, curves, facial features, moles, bumps, hair.

Ask your immediate circle to help you. It is unbelievable but other people may know you better than you think. And what seemed to you to be weakness is indeed your biggest strength.

Create a visualization board to clear your head from all the thoughts and desires to create a space for self-love and lucid judgments.

Take a moment to spend time with yourself, without any distractions. The best results will be reached if you spend this time in a natural, not overcrowded place, a walk along the river bank or forest trail. Such places are full of life-giving energy.

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