4 key ways travelling influences our life

Travelling is beneficial from all perspectives — personal, emotional and social. In fact, the majority of people do not even realise how profoundly journeying can influence them.

Going to a new place isn’t only about sightseeing and tasting the local cuisine. Imagine exploring new cultures, learning new languages, trying not only to taste but also prepare a local dish, trying to understand the local people’s values and beliefs and, most importantly, finding your place in this gigantic world. Travelling is precisely that.

In this article, we will discuss how travelling impacts one’s hobbies and way of thinking.

#1 Boost Your self confidence

Imagine going down the Way of Saint James, climbing Mount Everest, making a parachute jump, having dinner near the Eiffel Tower, diving in the Pacific Ocean and seeing the Niagara waterfall. These are just some of the amazing things you can do in your life. If you have done at least some of them, how can you not be confident?

Never miss an opportunity to go abroad. They say that student years are the best time to travel, and this fact is hardly deniable. While studying in college, you are overloaded with home assignments and spend most of your free time studying. So, why not, buy custom paper and enjoy your holidays in another country to the fullest?

The more you travel, the more self confident you become. Probably, you arranged your first trip with the help of a travel agency, friends or relatives. However, you will certainly learn how to prepare yourself for a breathtaking adventure on your own. It will help you get rid of the fear of going to distant places and getting lost in an unfamiliar surrounding. With each trip, you become more curious about accommodation and transportation, and this makes you feel more comfortable in any country in the world.

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#2 Rediscover yourself

It is quite difficult to know yourself in your home town or country. When you stay in the same place, you rarely get out of your comfort zone. A simple change of language, living or weather conditions can help you discover your true self.

Frequently, we chase fake values, such as cars, houses, electronics, and money. However, this way, you kill your identity and become a worldwide economic system element. There is no doubt that everybody needs to earn a living, but you should not forget about your personal development and inner harmony, either.

Travelling alone is the best way to conduct deep self analysis. In this case, a person starts to think about their life from a totally different perspective — regardless of other people’s opinion and expectations. Usually, it helps you contemplate your life goals and set your values apart from commonly held stereotypes. A good example could be Steve Jobs — the creator of one of the most gigantic companies. While he was in his late teens, he went to New Delhi, India. Though his first travel experience was not as delightful as he expected, that a played a key role in his life.

#3 A stranger can become your life partner

Traveling will never let you be alone — you will learn to make friends with perfect strangers on the street, in bars, hostels and during events. You will get rid of social barriers that usually prevent you from inviting an unknown person on a date, asking people for help and offering them your support, or even having just a cup of coffee with a stranger in a café.

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One of the best ways to become more open minded and people-friendly is Couchsurfing service. The idea behind it is pretty simple — the platform allows you to find accommodation abroad or let other travellers stay at your place. This might appear highly unusual, but in fact, Couchsurfing helps people become friends by breaking the ice and trusting each other. In 2018, the Couchsurfing community has reached 4,6 million members live in 10,000 cities in 207 countries!

 #4 Find new hobbies

Have you ever thought about how you chose your hobby? Was it really interesting, or did you just choose the most attractive activity offered by your university? Sometimes, people do not find an activity they like if they stay in the same place with the same people. Being aware of both national and international issues helps you discover a whole array of new and exciting activities. For example, you can learn how to shoot movies, scuba dive, live in the forest, hike in the mountains, build dugouts or create tree houses.

You will meet people who are crazy enough to create relaxing music by using empty plastic boxes, carve soap into beautiful sculptures, and even make their own power plants from electronic garbage.

The world is much broader than you think, so have an open mind and be ready to acquire a new experience.

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