20 great jobs if you’re over 40…

Looking for a career change?

The U.S. Bureau Of Labor has announced that more than 40% of people past the age of 40 are still working and this is likely to increased. And 79% of retired people still have a side income. For many people, midlife is a great time to try a new career – here are my top 20 choices:


Teaching in school is a fantastic career that involves a lot of devotion, responsibility and commitment. There are a lot of people who are 60+ and still teach in school. If you love teaching, this is you dream job!


The average age for a fitness trainer in the USA is 39 – it’s a great way to share your experience.


According to research, the need for language interpreters and translators will be increased by 46% by 2022.


Love to make different hairstyles and experiment with hair? More than 52% of hairstylists are in their late 30s.

Cybersecurity master

The average age for cybersecurity experts is 40, so if you like informatics, encryption and data confidentiality, this is the job for you!

Social worker

Social work is challenging, but ultimately a very satisfying and rewarding career.

Massage therapist

The average for a massage therapist is 46 – you’ll be trying something new and different, and ultimately helping others to relax and unwind.

Insurance lawyer

This is a great one for anyone already working in law but looking for a different strand.

HR manager

Life experience is a brilliant trait for a good human resource manager.


Reach for the stars! Yes, running your own business can be stressful, but your knowledge and experience will stand you in great stead. It’s a brilliant thing to try before retirement.

Financial manager

Glassdoor website has listed this job title in the top 12 jobs that give salary raises and job satisfaction. In any company, the average age for a financial manager is 35 plus.

Freelance contractor

If you don’t like 9-5 work, being a freelancer or self-employed is cool! You are your own boss and you can do whatever you know.

Retail store clerk

This can often offer flexible hours, you’ll get to meet lots of people and it’s great if you’ve never worked in this industry,  offering you a real change.

Online teacher

For all those who do not like the traditional school system and work, online tutoring is a great replacement, and you can work from the comfort of your home.

Marketing manager

The majority of these positions are reserved for people who are 40 plus. “When you look for a job when you are 45-year old mom, you want something fun but convenient. A marketing managing job is exactly that!”, says Elizabeth Grace, a managing editor at Essay Yoda

Dental hygienist

This job is always in demand – we all want good teeth and a nice smile.

Kindergarten teacher

Kindergarten teachers are commonly experienced women over 35.

Veterinary technician

Helping animals is a wonderful thing to do. You’ll need some training, of course, but that’s the case for most career changes.

Online market seller

Thanks to technology, there are a lot of online places where you can sell stuff – from Amazon to eBay and other smaller local platforms. Open your shop, present your own design or become an affiliate of the bigger brand and earn money from your home.

Child psychologist

This position involves a lot of communication with children in order to help them with problems related to emotions, cognition and behavior. The annual salary is around $90,000 – it’s another challenging but hugely rewarding career.

If you’re not happy in your work, then you don’t have to stay. You might have to undertake some training, but ultimately a career change to something you love is so rewarding.