13 Well-paid online writing jobs for stay-at-home mums

Stay at home mum working on a laptop

It can be hard to go from two salaries to one, but even harder to leave your little one at a nursery or with a nanny all day.

Stay at home mum working on a laptopFor that reason, many stay at home mums are trying to balance a career with their child care, more often than not it’s not that mums can’t find someone to look after their kids – it’s that they really do want to stay home and make sure they’re present for all of their baby’s milestones.

However, financial needs can’t be avoided, and more mums than ever are taking to their laptops and making money, without ever having to leave their kids. Writing is one of the main ways to do this, and the following jobs are all perfect for mums who can writ well.

1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to get started as a writer. You’re in control of your own deadlines, and you aren’t tied to working hours, meaning you can post late at night. You’re also not relying on anyone to send you work, you can do as much as you have time to do whenever you have the time free – and there’s no stress on the days or weeks when you don’t have time to work. While it can be hard to make money through your blog alone as you start working, Mums who blog can get paid to promote or review products. It’s easy to find people willing to pay you on Social Spark, Pay Per Post or Link Worth.

2. Transcribing

While it might not be as fun as creative writing, there is always plenty of work for transcriptionists. Put those old typing lessons to good use, and if you’re able to speedily write, you can make a lot of money transcribing documents. There is always plenty of work available on Flex Jobs, where you can find jobs to suit your skills and the amount of free time you have.

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3. Answer Surveys

Companies always need data, and tend to conduct polls and surveys covering all matter of topics. You can make a decent amount of money by writing answers to simple questions on online surveys. As businesses need this data, they are happy to pay for it, and many pay quite well. You can find surveys in Ipsos and Focus Vision.

4. Translating

While translating may not be an option for everyone, there are plenty of stay-at-home mums out there who are bilingual, and would be able to translate all kinds of documents without much effort is all. As this is quite a specialised skill, it pays pretty well. Jobs are generally available on Flex Jobs. This can be great for someone looking for a challenge, or to really implement something they learnt in college and haven’t been able to use for a while.

5. Writer/editor

All kinds of content needs to be created and reviewed before it goes online, which means that there are constantly opportunities for writers and editors. You may be comfortable writing about pretty much every subject, or you might want to write for a specific niche; either way there are plenty of opportunities available. It’s easy to find writing and editing work to sign up as a writer.

6. Data entry

While this might not sound like the most exciting job, the work is regular and pays well. Plus, if you generally feel frazzled at the end of the day, this could be for you, as you don’t have to think creatively or come up with well-written content. This is super simple work for anyone able to type quickly and efficiently. It could be worth giving this a try for some extra cash, and there are jobs available at Flexjobs.

7. Tutoring

Most stay-at-home mums are used to helping their kids with homework, and can easily make extra cash helping out other kids. The higher your level of education in a particular subject, the more you can make. This is a great way to make some money online by doing something you’re familiar with and good at, plus it’s more personal than some of the other jobs on this list. Tutoring jobs are constantly available on Paper Fellows, Chegg or Academized.

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8. Market your skills

Just because you’ve left the workplace doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten all of your valuable skills and knowledge. Plenty of mums still have valuable talents, and they can sell their advice online. Make sure you’re able to write down your advice in a clear and coherent way to make sure people recognise your worth. You can then advertise and sell your advice on Ingenio or Oodle.

9. Sell articles to publications

While a lot of the writing websites listed above are generally designed to produce online content for websites or blogs, there are ways to get published in real magazines. This may sound unrealistic from your living room, but posting articles to Hub Pages or Helium could lead to your work being picked up, published, and paid for.

10. Write reviews or fill in surveys

All businesses want good press for their products, and a great way to encourage that culture is by providing payment to people who have tried their products. One of the biggest websites for this is My Points; however you may be paid in cash, vouchers, or travel expenses. This isn’t as straightforward as getting paid per number of words or per hour, but it can still add to a decent amount of money, or at least some good savings.

11. Make money from problem solving

Most mums spend most of their time solving other people’s problems, so why not get paid for it? You can make money for writing solutions to problems on Think Geek or Instructables.

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12. Write your TV ideas

While producing a whole screenplay may be a tall order, you can write up your ideas for TV shows that can then be picked up by producers, who will pay you for the initial idea. This means less work for you, and no investment, but a chance of profiting. You can send your ideas to Juma TV.

13. Write names for products

You and your kids probably have special names for certain products, which may lead to a talent for naming new products. It’s super simple to pitch your ideas on Picky Domains.

While being a stay at home mum is probably the most rewarding job in the world, it is not the best paid – but it’s easy to use your writing skills to top up your income using any of the jobs listed above.