11 makeover ideas for your small kitchen

small kitchen

There comes a time when you need to remodel your kitchen.

small kitchenDuring such a period, you should look for some inspiration with regard to different makeover ideas. Regardless of the layout, the kitchen makeover ideas that we will list in this context will enhance the functionality and style of your home.

Below are smart makeover ideas for a kitchen:

1. Update and open up

You can try out open shelves since they’ll offer open display space. The small kitchen will also feel larger. You can install the shelves at the upper-cabinet height. The lower shelf should be at least 18 inches above the counter. Why not check out tutorials that guide you on how to create a wall shelf. You can also install a small kitchen sink in the process.

2. Paint dated kitchen cabinets

It does help if you have basic DIY skills to brighten the kitchen design regardless of whether it is small or large. Purchase new cabinet hardware and fresh paint. If you want a sophisticated and clean look, you should opt for neutral tones. Some guides talk about how to prep the kitchen cabinets and paint them. Some of these guides come in handy even when your idea is simple.

3. Upgrade the kitchen appliances

During the upgrading process, you should install energy-efficient appliances. Some of the appliances that need upgrading include the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, among others. For a dishwasher, it should be water and energy-saving.

4. Pay attention to the flooring

If you want a complete kitchen transformation, you should redo the flooring. There are different choices from which you can select from. You can opt for flooring that is easy to clean and durable. If traditional designs appeal to you, you can opt for a wood-look alternative that includes a glazed ceramic tile or vinyl. Tile guides can come in handy in such instances.

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5. Appliance storage

For those who entertain guests in the kitchen, it is good to ensure the countertops are cleaner and neater such that the small appliances used frequently can be stored in in-built storage space. The countertops can also be used as a baking centre or coffee station.

6. Make a splash

When you update the food prep and cooking area using a tile backsplash, the kitchen will be more appealing, long-lasting and functional. There will be plenty of room to be creative throughout the makeover process. If you’re using a subway tile, it is possible to design a custom-made pattern that will align with the look you want.

7. Incorporate a kitchen island

The main focus should be on dish storage, dining, comfy seating, and a kitchen island. Regardless of the size and your needs, there will always be an island for you.

8. Countertop flair

When you install new countertops, you’ll notice the huge impact they have on the kitchen design. For instance, the sleek granite countertop is appealing and it can serve as a focal point for the whole kitchen.

9. Make a nook cosy

You should utilise the under-used corner and ensure there is extra storage space. The nook can be transformed to be used as an area for informal dining, working, and enjoying a coffee in a quiet environment. The nook can be accessorised using plump pillows so that everyone will be comfortable. You can check out different corner bench projects and get some inspiration.

10. Focus on the little things

Cooking is more of an art to people who are passionate, and some of them include chefs. You should ensure different items are displayed creatively so that your home’s personality is reflected. You can opt for an open shelf to showcase the glassware, decorative bottles, and artwork.

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11. Come up with a workspace

When preparing a meal, you require enough space so that you can easily engage in activities such as kneading, chopping, and mixing. Important appliances can also be placed within the kitchen island. Doing so will make it possible to maximize the cabinet space, and there will be no need to make unnecessary trips while in the kitchen.

If you’re interested in remodelling your kitchen, each of these ideas will ensure your kitchen is more appealing and functional.

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