10 ways to improve your skills as a Human Resources manager

Human Resources

Looking to upskill?

Human Resources managerAs we’re sure you already know, to be a successful Human Resources manager it takes a whole lot of work and a special knack for understanding your workforce. 

If you’re a woman in business looking to upskill and improve in human resource management, then we have some great tips for you. It’s always a good idea to keep on top of industry changes as well as requirements from global businesses, and in our article below we’ll have you up to speed in no time. 

Take a look at our top 10 methods for ways to improve as a Human Resources manager. 

1. Evaluate the business

When it comes to skills improvement, it’s always good to start by looking inward at your business or the company you’re working for. 

You might be routinely focused on hiring the best new talent, for example, which remains a good quality, though you may also be looking over the team members you’ve already employed. 

That in mind, our first method for skill building is changing the way you hire and see your business.

2. Keep your passion

There’s a good chance you became a manager in HR for a specific reason, and so our second tip is to remember why. 

From here, it’s a good idea to fuel this passion and use it to inspire and motivate yourself to undertake new skill-building activities and perfect your craft outside of work — or focus on implementing skill-building exercise into the workplace for yourself and your staff. 

In doing this, you’ll upskill your team and yourself as well!

3. Be more strategic

Our third tip involves improving your strategic thinking. 

All businesses need team members in HR that understand their goals and work to be calculated in helping them succeed.  

You want to be sure you’re working with your business and not as your own single entity, and that in mind, make it a habit to routinely take a look at business culture and work on fostering this with employees. 

4. Undertake further education

Our more on the nose tip is to consider further human resources education. 

The field does adapt and change quite a bit and so enrolling in a degree or short course to build your skills is another great place to start. 

You will be able to rest assured you’re offering your business all of the skills they need and will have the skillset to better meet your own career goals too. 

5. Improve your communication skills

We could all benefit from enhanced communication skills, though in HR it’s imperative. 

For this tip we suggest considering speaking courses or working to understand and mimic your favourite public speaker or communicator to better convey messaging to your department. 

6. Gain a better understanding of technology

There is no better way to enhance productivity in business than with tech. 

In the HR department, it’s important to rely on technology that helps to better share ideas and enhances human resources information sharing, and so getting a handle on tech systems is a great idea to upskill and improve as an HR manager. 

7. Improve your flexibility

Our tip here is to be open to different avenues to learning and improving. 

What we mean by this is get comfortable with discomfort and working on skill building online, in the workplace and outside of work.

You may also want to consider adopting a new hiring process too, just to see how it pans out and whether you want to go down a new avenue. 

In all, flexibility and adapting your way of learning and working in HR is a great idea. 

8. Be confident about programme implementation

We know that in a lot of businesses the HR department isn’t provided with a tonne of the budget — and so suggesting workplace programs can be daunting. 

Though, our improvement tip here is to have unwavering confidence in your suggestions and to move forward with them. 

Work on your skills when it comes to conveying why your suggestions should be supported and show how they will enhance your business’s ability to meet their long-term goals. 

9. Let go of the office

One of our rather uncommon tips here is to stay out of your office when you can. 

It’s a good idea to simply float on your company’s floor working to watch and learn about what is going on at work. Staff members are more likely to speak with you this way, and you’ll be gaining valuable feedback from your workforce that can be used to improve operations. 

10. Understand your power to inspire

Our final tip here is to improve your ability to inspire. 

It’s important to note that as an HR manager that you essentially are the rules of the company, though if you work to alter these to inspire and motivate the workforce — then you’re on the right track to creating a powerhouse of a company for your employer. 

No one enjoys working with someone who is increasingly overbearing, and so work to adapt and inspire. 

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