10 ways to break the binge-guilt cycle

Unhealthy food with healthy food

Do you have such a sweet tooth that at times it can spiral out of control to the point you’re bingeing?

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Then after your binge you sit there feeling like you’ve been run over, bloated and tired with massive guilt.

How many times have you had a huge binge at the weekend or eaten all the ‘naughty/bad’ food from your cupboards, then you tell yourself when Monday comes you’re going to be ‘good again’? So you go on a restrictive diet, ‘fail’ by Wednesday, and the cycle continues…

You’re ultimately on a continuous diet with self sabotage chucked in for good measures.

Restricting yourself from said items is not the answer, it will only exacerbate the issue and lead you to crave them more. If you have a meal that you deem to be ‘naughty’ enjoy it, don’t feel guilty, don’t binge – tell yourself that it isn’t  your last supper, you’re going to eat again.

It’s about breaking old habits. Once you realise that there isn’t a magic pill and the only person who can change your habits and thoughts is you, then things will fall into place.

The biggest step is admitting to yourself that there are issues. One you do this then you’ll be able to progress forward and be free of your demons.

Here are some suggestions to help you on your path to a happy and healthy body

1. Stop thinking of it as a diet, and instead view it as a lifestyle change.

2. Remember you’re making food choices to stop you feeling lethargic and bloated. You’re not punishing yourself but nurturing yourself.

3. Try the 80/20 rule. This means eating 80% nutritionally dense food and 20% of foods that you desire. This is a simple but easy way to a maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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4. Don’t be tempted to binge. If you eat something that you deem to be in the 20% bracket you don’t have to binge on it. Remind yourself that you have a whole lifetime of eating.

5. Change the way you view food. Calling food ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is labelling it, so when eating your ‘bad food’ it can make you feel guilty, which may lead to you pressing the self-destruct button.

6. Show yourself the money. Put all the money that you would have spent on comfort food into a savings account online or piggy bank at home and put it towards a holiday, to create memories, as there is no greater gift than these.

7. Stop rewarding yourself with food. This process is about trying to find another go-to thing that gives you pleasure.

8. Write down your goals. Take a screen shot of your notes and use it as your screensaver.

9. Don’t be a victim to food. Why let food control you? It’s only food at the end of the day.

10. Think about your food triggers. These could include tiredness, laziness, having a sweet tooth or emotional eating. Put things in place to break old habits – for example, change your route home so you go to different shops, which in turn will help you formulate new habits.

Enjoy the process of taking back control of your life…

About Bebe Beachus

I'm a personal trainer and fitness coach for women, based in the Cotswolds. The biggest challenge most of my clients face is their psyche. Once that is in place the fitness and nutrition are the easy parts! I give my clients all the tools they need to nurture themselves, mentally, physically and nutritiously. But ultimately I understand the only person who can change you is you so every approach is personal and unique to the individual.