10 ways to appreciate life’s small wins

The little things matter…

Many people know that valuing the small things in life is important, but not everyone acknowledges or understands the true meaning of this concept. Here’s why small wins are a powerful way to a happy life and how you can start appreciating them more.

#1 Understand their importance

The first step to start appreciating the small things that happen in your life is to understand their importance. You need to change your mindset and start thinking about how great these small wins are in order to be able to move on to the next steps of the process of making small wins a way to your own personal happiness. Stay determined and don’t forget about what you are looking for in the end.

#2 Just stop for a minute

We live in an age when the world is moving too fast for us to be able to keep up with everything. There are just too many things that everyone needs to do and there is always too little time for it all. In addition to that, we are receiving a lot of information that we can’t always process well.

This is why you just need to stop for a minute and look around yourself. Look at how good the people around you are and how great your life is. The small details are the ones you need to focus on to feel genuinely happy.

#3 Notice each of them

So, how do you recognize your small wins? It’s not just about realizing their importance and stopping for a bit just to enjoy your life, but also about noticing each and every one of your small wins rather than giving yourself credit only for a select few. After all, you need to start loving yourself and accepting the fact that there are many great things happening in your life.

#4 Allow yourself to get excited

Another crucial step is to allow yourself to get excited about these small things in your life. If you look at children, you will realize that the reason why they are so happy most of the time is that they get easily excited about anything they come across. The world is full of surprises for them.

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Consequently, try to find this new way of looking at things and you will notice that the dull world around you is not as dull as you thought. Once again, the small things are the ones you want to be focusing on.

#5 Get into the habit

Developing good habits is one of the most effective ways to never lose your sense of direction. Similarly, developing a habit of noticing small things in your life will allow you to do it almost without any effort which will, in turn, help you eventually find happiness in your life and become a more satisfied and content version of yourself.

#6 Reward yourself

Have you ever thought about the pleasure of giving and receiving presents? Rewards are somewhat similar to them in a way, but with rewards, you can give them to yourself after you have achieved something, even if it seems insignificant.

Of course, rewards are a bit off-topic when it comes to noticing and appreciating small things in life but rewarding yourself is an integral part of becoming happier, so it is only logical that you start using this technique too.

#7 Let others know about them

Nothing feels better than telling someone else about how happy you are that something good happened to you. It might seem like you are showing off, but if you do it with subtlety or simply express your joy about buying a new bag or losing two pounds, nobody will judge you. Besides, good friends and family members will only be happy for you which will double your own happiness.

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#8 Set a big goal for yourself

While noticing the small achievements in your life is important, setting a big goal for yourself can also be a great way to stay motivated. It will help you stay focused and might even stimulate your imagination if it is connected to something creative that you are doing.

For example, if you want to paint a picture of your summer house, then the big goal would be to create that picture while the smaller aims before it would need to be such things as practising landscape painting, studying the elements of architecture, and so on.

#9 Don’t stress yourself out

One of the biggest problems for people of all ages is that they tend to stress themselves out without any good reason for it. Students needlessly worry about grades even if they have performed well before, parents worry about children going out late at night even though they know that the kids will not be out alone, and so on.

In any case, your aim is to stop stressing yourself out and start looking at the positive side of things. This is also a fundamental part of changing your mindset which was mentioned earlier. It’s hard but it’s necessary.

#10 Live in the present

Last but not least, it’s time to stop living in the past and start living in the present. In fact, living in the moment might also be a good idea if you want to spice up your life. However, simply persuading yourself that you are focused on the present while still worrying about the past is not a good idea.

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You need to stop lying to yourself and let go off your past mistakes, worries, and so on. Concentrate on the small but good things in your life right now. This is the present that you need to be living in. Read a book, go outside for adventures, start living!

Final thoughts

To sum up, even small things can make you much happier in life than you already are. And if you aren’t, you can find happiness with their help.

All you need is to start actively using the tips from this article in your daily life.