10 reasons your business needs a blog

Open laptop with the words 10 reasons your business needs to blog

In recent years, blogging for business has gone from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’ and is just as important as having a website.

Open laptop with the words 10 reasons your business needs to blogHere are the 10 reasons you need to put blogging at the top of your to-do list for 2016:

1 Prove that you are an expert in your niche

Publishing regular content in the form of articles or blog posts shows what you know about your industry, plus you can give tips and advice, demonstrating that you are the expert people are looking for.

2 Build your email list

Inviting people to sign up to receive an email every time a new blog post is published can help to grow your business. You can also create additional resources such as cheat sheets or check lists that people can opt in to.

3 Give clients and potential customers a look behind the scenes

People often wonder about the culture of a company they are thinking of dealing with or are interested in behind-the-scenes information out of sheer curiosity. Posting ‘what it’s like to work here’ articles will make you more human and less anonymous.

4 Connect personally with potential clients

Inviting your readers – who could become clients – to comment at the end of your blog post can start interesting conversations that might lead to actual business in the future.

5 Strengthen your brand

When you chose your brand, one of your deciding factors was your target audience. These are the same people you are writing for when you blog. In your blog you can reinforce what you’re about, your vision, mission and all the other parts that make up your brand – including your level of customer service. Treat your readers like you would your best customers and your brand will profit.

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SEO on White Color on Cloud of Yellow Words on Blue Background. 6 Increase website traffic

This is especially true if your blog is part of your website, which is the recommended option. As you will want to invite more readers to visit your blog via social media and you appear more often in search results, you are increasing website traffic. Through clever links within the blog post you can then redirect your readers to other parts of your website.

7 Create sales leads

If your readers are interested in your blog content they might sign up to your email list, which you can then use to turn your leads into buying customers by providing useful content through email marketing and making them aware of special offers.

8 Increase the time people spend on your website

People stumbling across your website through search engines might stay to read a page or two. If you have a blog, however, they might want to see whether you are offering useful content on the subject, increasing the time they are spending on your website. This in turn will make them more likely to turn into paying customers.

9 Add revenue

If you are providing good-quality content on your blog you can choose to use the goodwill you’re creating with your readers to offer them some affiliate products. These are partner companies who will pay you if you send them traffic that turns into sales.

10 Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Providing expert content will improve your search engine rankings, as this is one of the main points that Google, Bing etc are looking for. Gone are the days where all you had to do was create links to and from your website and choose the right keywords on each page. Now it’s all about content, content and more content, and it has to be relevant to the purpose of your website.

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As you can see, blogging has become super important in your efforts to make your business as successful as you want it to be. Why not make use of this powerful tool and create a blogging strategy sooner rather than later?


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