10 hottest short hair styles for women

Short hair styles

Do you fancy trying a short hair style?

Long hair for women has long been praised, but that does not mean that short hair is not stylish. From the red carpet to major worldwide events, so many women have finally become comfortable in their own skin. It is not a surprise for women to rock natural hair or even short hair.

Regardless of your hair type, there is always a perfect haircut that can fit you, without putting you through the pressure of growing your mane.

Here are the top 10 hottest short hair styles for women in 2019:

1. Razored messy bobShort hair styles

If you still want to keep some length in your hair, then you can opt for this haircut. The hair runs as far as your jawline, or a little bit longer as per your preference. You also get a soft side band to spice up the look. Since the style is more straight than not, it is very easy to manage.

2. Soft beige-blonde pixie cut

If you have a warm pale skin tone, then this is the haircut for you. The soft beige-blonde fringe transition this look from casual to very chic. The hints of lavender-pink will flatter your skin tone to give you an appealing look.

3. Sexy silver fox

Instead of fighting the natural grey in your hair, go all out with the sexy silver fox short hairstyle. It is a strong fashion statement that helps you look more confident and mature, that works great for a long face shape.

4. Wild & wavy movement in sharply cut inverted bob

The inverted bob is a great way to wear short hair. This hairdo is all about playing around with the texture and the length of the hair. The back is shorter than the average bob cut, while the sides tend to be longer. The strong waves in this style go well with colours like beige-blonde over mid-brown roots, with white-and lavender-blonde balayage.

5. Wispy pixie

If you have thin hair, the best haircut is the wispy pixie that can be made with volume. The spiky top adds volume to your hair, as the buzzed sides add a bold edge. It is also very easy to manage because all you need is a texturising spray to your top layers to add volume.

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6. Tousled pixie with long layers

If you want an effortless short haircut, then go for this messy-on-purpose style that features long layers that are surprisingly easy to manage, despite the length.

7. Wavy glamour on black, grey and purple short back and sides

There is no better way to introduce some colour and keep the fun with this haircut. Large wavy curls on the front top of the hair adds edgy glamour to this short hair. The back is kept to a short height, which makes it such a trendy long-top short haircut. Ideally, the loose wavy barrel curls are slightly flattened to avoid any round/softness, enough to make it match the edgy, shaved undercut.

8. Lob (long bob)

A lob is very easy to pull off, mainly because it gives you a sleek and very polished look. The short hairdo has precision on the ends so there is a clean line or hair all through your jawline or neck bone, depending on the length you prefer.

9. Short platinum blonde bob hairstyle with fringe

If you do not mind bleaching your hair, then go all out with the short platinum blonde bob hairstyle with a fringe. The haircut frames your face perfectly, with a soft chic look that is perfect for women with round face types.

10. Bleached side swept pixie hairstyle

There are several ways to work out this hairstyle, including mixing up some colour to make your style a little fancier than others.

There are so many short hair style options out there that can look amazing… which will you try?