The big birthday swag bag

Hammock between two trees on a tropical island

Henpicked and I were ‘tagged’ by Sarah Dale, author of Bolder and Wiser, to join in The Big Birthday Swag Bag Hop.  I’d not heard of a blog hop before and, as it turns out, it’s a nice bit of daydreaming and a challenge!

Hammock between two trees on a tropical island

Here’s the scenario:

You’re going to a friend’s 40th birthday bash on an exotic island resort (that’s the daydreaming bit!).

The challenge is to list a few of your favourite things to add to the swag bag for everyone in the group.

So here’s my list:

The books

Front cover of John Wyndham's book The ChrysalidsIt’s hard to think of just one book when we all have different tastes, so hopefully my friends would share some of mine. And it’s always good to try something new anyway.

I’d go for a bit of classic sci-fi being a John Wyndham fan, but which one? The Chrysalids. It was the first Wyndham book I read and it opened up a world of fascination.

Thinking about it, the story is about a group of people who are ‘different’ finding where they fit in. Being where you’re celebrated not tolerated is something I believe is essential for a happy life – probably why I like this book so much.

bolder-and-wiser-sarah-daleI’m going to add Sarah’s book Bolder and Wiser too because I wish someone had given it to me at 40.

A wonderful compilation of the wisdom of real women. I’m using mine as a guide, flicking to the chapters of interest to me at that particular time.

Sarah’s just been awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion for Bolder and Wiser. This stands for Book Readers Appreciation Group and exists to discover new and talented self-published authors. Brilliant and well deserved.

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Beauty product

Image of Environ's AVST rangeIt’s going to have to be two because I’ve written this bit several times now trying to decide.

Sunscreen to protect you from skin damage of course.

But then I’d add Environ AVST face cream which has improved the texture and evenness of my skin, and reduces existing sun damage. Wouldn’t be without it.

Double whammy – avoid future skin damage and get rid of some you’ve probably already clocked up in the last 40 years.

Snack food

facebook-boxI’d pop in a Graze pack, which includes 4 lovely treats every week and arrives in the post.

I’ve not got the hang of grazing yet – mine arrives on Tuesday morning, is usually snacked on all day and finished by Tuesday night.

Oh well, it’s delicious, wonder how long it would last in anyone’s swag bag.

The music

Front cover of the best of the doorsWould have to be The Very Best of The Doors.

My friends and I were into this in our rebellious teenage years, I’ve rediscovered it more recently and love to listen to it when I’m sunbathing.

One last thing

A hat. Always stylish and keeps the sun off your face.

Here’s Sarah Dale’s blog – (thanks for the tag Sarah).  And thanks to Susie Orman Schnall, author of On Grace for starting this. You can read her original post here.

Now that my virtual gifts are added to theirs, it’s time to pass this on to others to add to The Big Birthday Swag Bag!

Passing it on

I’m delighted to pass the swag bag on to others to add theirs!

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June Rowlands of Girls Around Town. June and I share a love for all things glamorous and handbags, along with a passion for women sharing ideas, their wisdom and helping each other.

Lynette Benton of Stylish Ole Woman. We met online, as you do these days, and I love reading her blog and words of wisdom.

Can’t wait to see what virtual gifts they will add!

What would you include in a swag bag for a friend’s special birthday?

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