Henpicked ‘netiquette’

Henpicked is about sharing – stories, ideas, hints and tips and recommendations.

This community is online but we want the conversations to be the same as in person.

People may have had very different experiences, and so won’t always share the same opinion. That’s life and we sometimes learn a lot by trying to understand where others are coming from. So you may read views which aren’t the same as your own.

We want you to be able to express yourself openly and honestly and let others express themselves too.

But it’s not exactly the same online as in person. You can’t see the facial expression or tone of someone’s voice.

Henpicked isn’t a pre-moderated site so we’ve put together a netiquette as a little reminder about online conversations.  It’s not there to restrict, it’s to help clear understanding and build good relationships.

So here’s a reminder of the netiquette you’re signing up to when you join Henpicked.

  • When commenting try to include a quote from the original message to give context to your comment.
  • Double check what you’ve written before you click. Are you really saying what you want to say. One small error can completely change the meaning.
  • We’re all human. Real people with real feelings, beliefs, imperfections and emotions behind every message, email and comment.
  • Be careful not to get carried away and leave someone staring blankly at the screen, not feeling great about what they’re reading.
  • A jokes a joke, but not if you don’t get it. Humour, emotions or sarcasm don’t always come across in the right way online. Using regular phrases like ‘lol’ and ‘on a lighter note’ can help.
  • Don’t shout. CAPITALS are considered to be shouting online.
  • Respect people’s privacy as you’d want them to respect yours. Don’t pass on another person’s personal information or photo without their permission. Not only is this bad netiquette but can also be accused of cyberbullying or harassment.
  • Avoid conflict. You may have to agree to disagree on some issue. Don’t let a difference of opinion escalate into an argument.

We hope you enjoy Henpicked and look forward to talking!