Menopause in the workplace

Join us for our menopause in the workplace event, designed to help forward-thinking business leaders and HR professionals understand the importance of menopause in the workplace policies and practices and how to introduce them into their business.

urgent and important phrase handwritten on chalkboard with vintage precise stopwatch used instead of OYou’ll hear from a team of experts to help you understand why businesses should take menopause in the workplace seriously.

We aim to make it easy for companies and leaders to introduce the right policies, practices and support.

On the day, you’ll hear from a team of experts:

Dr Louise Newson is a highly respected GP and menopause expert. She will help you understand what menopause is, its symptoms and how women can manage them. You may have seen Louise on ITV’s programme ‘The Truth about Menopause’, seen her on TV or in the papers.

Chief Constable Sue Fish from Nottinghamshire Police, who has championed the introduction of menopause in the workplace policies and practices in the force, supporting leaders and women suffering with menopausal symptoms. Nottinghamshire Police will be one of the first organisations in the UK to have a menopause policy. She will be speaking about what they’ve done and the results they’ve seen.

Amanda Chadwick, employment law expert will highlight what guidelines are coming in and help you to understand how to implement your own policies. She will also emphasise why it’s important not to ignore this advice as more companies are losing tribunals on the grounds of sex, age and even disability discrimination act.

Deborah Garlick, Henpicked Founder and Communications Director will talk about how to engage your leaders and employees on this hidden and sensitive subject.

You will also have the opportunity to network with other organisations starting to introduce menopause policies and practices and receive an information pack to help you get a head start.

The Menopause in the Workplace event is on 28 February 2017 in Nottingham. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT.

We will be running another event this year, get in touch for more information.


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