Henpicked book club – it’s FREE

Love a good read? We do too, so we decided to start this online book club because we can’t always make it to meetings. Here’s how it works:

Book page in heart shape with library backgroundEvery month we select a book to chat about online.

We give away 10 books FREE to Henpicked readers who volunteer to be a book champion. We select new champions every month – first come, first served!

All you need to do is: 1. Sign-up for the book club below. 2. Get your copy (FREE to that month’s champions). 3. Have an online chat with other readers about what you think of it. 4. Let us know if you’d like to be a book champion for the month.

Please encourage your friends and family to join us too – the more the merrier! And feel free to recommend future books. Or if you would like to write an article about your book club or a personal favourite book drop us an email.

Here’s our selected book for February: A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler.

We hope you join us and happy reading!


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From the Henpicked team!

  • Ooh – ‘How to build a girl’ looks like a good book. I’ve added it to my Kindle, all ready for the discussion.

    • Deborah Garlick

      Fabulous Gayle!

  • Krys Wojnarowicz

    How do you sign up?

    • Deborah Garlick

      Hi Krys, details coming soon!

      • Deborah Garlick

        Hi Krys, you can sign up now – look forward to talking!!

  • Jeanne Ellin

    The early pages had some laugh out loud moments but the story darkened exploring themes of body image bullying, self harm and family loyalty and dysfunction. It may be the grandmother or the old trainer in me but I could see this book opening the door to discussions about cyber bullying, young women’s sexuality the definitions of consent and early alcoholism. The author succeeded in providing an involving narrative with a heroine to care about. The challenges of growing up have much in common with growing old, body image becomes an issue again, sexuality may have to renegotiated re building your self is a task of ageing too.

  • Rowena Green

    What a slow burn start to the book. However moral dilemmas soon keep the reader hooked! Questions challenge one’s own conceptions about right and wrong and make you think about how you would react to a loved one’s needs and disappointments. A very moving book with well written characters and lovely descriptions of wild and lonely places.

  • Ooh, that sounded like an emotional read (but gripping and well-written by all accounts)! I got on board the book club train too late to start reading ‘The Light Between Oceans’. What are people thinking they’d like to read next; any recommendations?

  • Rowena Green

    Am I signed up for December? Technology is not my strength!!

    • Sorry for the slow reply! I can’t see a Rowena Green on the book club list, I’m afraid. Try again and make sure you confirm via the email that we’ll send you after you sign up. Any probs, let us know 🙂

      • Rowena Green

        Thanks for email. I have posted comments about the last 2 books and have seen those somewhere! As I say, hopeless at technology!

        Sorry I missed out on this months book. It sounded different!


      • Rowena Green

        Sorry Jane, just tried to sign up again and had an already registered message com up. Am I down mistakenly on your list as Rowena Davey. Many folks presume it’s my surname but is in fact my husbands Christian name!

        Rowena (Green)

        • Yes, you’re in, in that case! Better at the techie stuff than you think obviously 🙂

  • Lisa Knill

    Sorry my comments are late about Crow Lake but I just wanted to say that I found the book quite difficult reading as my background was also that of, in my case, having lost a parent at a young age. My mum died of breast cancer. The book so accurately portrayed how being a child and not being able to express your thoughts or feelings to adults even though they talk about you in your hearing. Much as in Crow Lake the death follows you into adulthood and never quite leaves you. In my case it has affected the way I have brought up my own family and what has become important to me.