My HERO product: Environ Skincare

My HERO product is AVST face cream.

Some of my friends, even after twenty years, are blissfully unaware of what I do for a living. Having said that, as we head into our mid-forties even the most disinterested are casually enquiring what I think they should use on their skin. “Come on Lou, What do you use?” and “If you could tell me one thing to use what would you say?”

This always gives me real food for thought, but if I am backed into a corner over a few glasses of wine – this is the product I would recommend to my nearest and dearest.

For most of my adult life I have been involved in the skincare and beauty industry. In that time many ingredients have been hailed as the next best thing for keeping the skin healthy, youthful and smooth.

But ten years ago I took on a little known brand called Environ. I had been tipped off by an insider that it really showed results. I started using it and then took a risk and stocked this South African cosmeceutical in my business, and I am glad I did.

This product is based around advanced vitamin therapy and without getting into too much depth, it is important to understand a bit about the concept.

Ten years ago I took on a little known brand called Environ. I had been tipped off by an insider that it showed great results, and I think it really works!Environ was created by Dr Des Fernandes, a South African plastic surgeon who lost two young patients to skin cancer thirty five years ago. This prompted Dr Des to uncover ways to make skin healthy. Vitamin therapy is the result of his extensive research. He saw it as a mission to create honest products and
treatments to change skin at a cellular level.

If I was being really picky the only criticisms I would have of the product would be:

The beta carotene in the AVST cream gives it an orange colour. Some of my white bed linen has slightly discoloured where my face rubs on it after I apply my cream. I am no domestic goddess so I feel sure most of you will have tricks up your sleeve to sort this out and it will be not be an issue.

The packaging is specially sealed in a pump dispenser to keep the product very pure and stop it denaturing which is absolutely necessary. This results in you never knowing quite when you will run out but on the positive side you get every last drop out because of the pump design.

Dr Des never saw this as a “beauty” product even though it results in beautiful skin. The packaging is clinical and this is not dressing table candy so if that is important to you this may not float your boat. Also do not expect fragrance and essential oils to give pleasant smells. If it is not necessary it is not in it!

But in my book, this really works so it’s worth trying it to see what you think.

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Louise Sumner

About Louise Sumner

I'm passionate about encouraging women to naturally enhance and embrace their individual beauty at every age. I am a beauty and skincare expert.

  • Linda Booth

    Louise can you please email me more information about this product. In particular, the research and the ingredients. Thank you.

    Linda Booth

    • Louise Sumner

      Thanks for your comment Linda. You should have received my e mail in the last 24 hours and let me know if I can help you further.

  • Deborah

    Louise switched me to this and I’ve used it for a couple of years. I think it’s great stuff.