Carolyn Lazarus: A life fully lived

In memory of Carolyn Lazarus: a remarkable woman who lived life to the full.

Carolyn was the dream made real by a remarkable woman, its founder and chief editor, Carolyn Lazarus.

It is therefore with the utmost sadness that I have to tell t4w’s thousands of members, sponsors and friends that Carolyn passed away on 13th May following a very brief battle with cancer.

If you have visited the site in recent weeks and found it inactive this very sad news is the reason why.

Carolyn was only diagnosed with malignant melanoma in February and fought this terrible disease with her usual spirit and optimism until the last. Tragically, the disease was far more aggressive than any of the many doctors caring for her could comprehend. She died in the University Hospital of Tübingen near Stuttgart where she had gone for some cutting-edge treatment that she was never well enough to undertake.

The family would like, through this article, to thank the wonderful staff in Tübingen, who did all they could. If they could not save her, then no one could have done.

To those of you who did not know Carolyn, she was not only the founder of t4w but also a very senior commercial lawyer, a qualified garden designer, magistrate, tennis coach and player and a keen club runner. She also sat on numerous boards of local charities, wrote regularly for local magazines and appeared in the national press, national and local radio and on television, talking about women’s issues of various kinds.

On top of this she was a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to almost everyone. The hole she has left in the lives of all who knew her is immeasurably deep.

Carolyn’s funeral was attended by more than 350 mourners and it was an occasion as happy as it was sad. The eulogy was beautifully delivered by her dear friend Heather Russell. Her coffin left the church to the sound of “Love Shack” by the B52s – so very Carolyn.

  • Dear All,

    I didn’t know Carolyn personally, although she had been very kind in responding to all of my emails in the past. A deep shiver ran throughout my body as it filled with sadness on reading this news.

    Please accept my deepest and heartfelt sympathies. My thoughts and prayers are with Carolyn’s family and friends.

    May her legacy be forever cherished.

    Heartfelt wishes

  • Maggie Bonnard

    Thanks for letting us know the sad news. It is always sad to hear of someone’s passing away. I have been reading t4w only a short while.

  • Nicki

    What a terrible shock to read of Carolyn’s death. She reached out to so many women through this site, and even though my contact with her was minimal – a couple of emails exchanged – I felt I knew her. She was so honest and straightforward in everything she wrote, and it was wonderful to have even the tiniest connection to her.
    Because of a change in my working life I had not visited the site for a while but was only thinking about it yesterday; it was great to see the email popping up in my inbox, but not the news it brought.
    Yes, as tribute to Carolyn and as her legacy it is important to keep the site going. I feel so sad writing this, and send my condolences to her family and all those close to her.

  • patricia hagmann

    To this day, I cannot believe that Carolyn is no longer with us, she remains in my heart

  • I am so very sorry to hear of Carolyn’s passing. I only had a little contact with her, but I found her to be very kind and compassionate, and someone who really; walked her talk…..She’s now with her family and friends in Spirit, and probably being as much an inspiration to them as she was to us.

    She truly had a beautiful soul, and will be much missed, not only by those who loved her but also by those; whose lives she touched, even minimally.

    My thoughts are with her family, but she’ll always be guiding them from them from Spirit, through both the good and bad times.

  • Paige Sinkler

    I was so shocked and very sad to hear this news. I really admired Carolyn and her courageous candour and hoped to meet her one day. There really are no words, but hope you will accept my my sincere condolences and pass them on to her family. x

  • I wrote to Carolyn back in about April and, although she must have been quite unwell, she kindly responded to my enquiry about the site and to let me know that her absence from it was due to fighting this horrible illness.

    I was so sorry to hear that she had lost her battle – it really is so incredibly sad that a woman who truly believed in all of us who weren’t born yesterday has been denied her chance of tomorrow.

    Thank you for continuing with T4W and what a brilliant tribute to her and I, among I am sure many others, will do all we can to continue her legacy.

    Rest in peace Carolyn.

    • Maggie Steel

      Hi Mel
      Thanks so much for your kind words. There has been so much support for continuing with the site. Like you we want the site to continue, so do spread the word, and continue to contribute through comments and articles. Many thanks!

  • Helen Burns

    Tears for a woman I never knew personally, but who impacted my life so positively by publishing several articles on t4w. My interaction with Carolyn, on every occasion was warm and encouraging and I admired the obvious passion behind t4w. To her family and close friends, words and condolences will never suffice. But thank you for continuing the spark lit by Carolyn; I am sure you will find the support necessary to continue her work.

  • Sue Potter

    A woman‘s life well led. What a role model! Please ensure that her life lives on, through t4w. Loving thoughts to all those close to her. SJP